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About the National

University Heart

Centre, Singapore


NUHCS is a specialty centre under NUHS that aims to

advance heart health through clinical work, research and

education. It o ers comprehensive treatment of heart

problems through its six core clinical programmes.


Heart Failure Programme


a multidisciplinary team of physicians, case

managers, nurses, dietitians, social workers,

pharmacists and physiotherapists. It has

successfully reduced re-admission rates, length

of hospital stays and mortality rates.


Heart Rhythm Programme

seeks to deliver

better treatment and management of heart

rhythm disorders, which are increasing as the

population ages. It o ers a range of evaluation

techniques and treatment procedures, and works

closely with the Heart Failure Programme to co-

manage high-risk patients.


Congenital and Structural Heart Disease


o ers continuous care throughout

patients’ lifespans. Besides surgeries for

inborn heart conditions and minimally invasive

procedures, the programme includes pre-natal

testing and genetic counselling for parents with a

history of congenital heart disease.


Acute Coronary Syndrome Programme

provides timely help for heart attack patients.

It has reduced the time it takes to move such

patients from admission to the procedural room

for “ballooning” (to unclog heart blockages). At 47

minutes, it has exceeded international standards

of 90 minutes.


Vascular Medicine and Therapy Programme

aims to reduce limb amputations that result from

the hardening of the arteries. It o ers personalised

patient care, including diagnostic testing, patient

education and surgery.


Women's Heart Health Programme

is a local

programme dedicated to women with or at risk

of heart disease. It aims to raise awareness and

create a comfortable one-stop environment for

the evaluation, management and education of

cardiovascular conditions in women.

Each core programme aims

to provide tertiary level of

care to diseases of strategic

importance to Singapore.

Prof Tan Huay Cheem, Director, National

University Heart Centre, Singapore


OCT 2016