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Congratulations to our

PS21 award winners!

NUHS sta bagged several accolades at the

PS21 ExCEL Awards 2016, organised by the

Public Service Division to recognise innovations

in delivering public goods and services.

• Dr Lee Yee Mei (Head of Nursing, NCIS)

was awarded the Innovation Champion

(Silver) Award;

• The Innovation Spotlight (Merit) Award

went to the NUH Telehealth Programme,

led by Assoc Prof James Yip (Chief Medical

Information O cer, NUHS); and

• The Most Innovative Project/Policy (Merit)

Award was given to the NUHS-RHS

Integrated Interventions and Care Extension

(NICE) Programme.

Researchers from the NUS Yong Loo Lin

School of Medicine, together with NUHS’

Investigational Medicine Unit and the Singapore

Clinical Research Institute, have made headway

in the national fight against diabetes by

developing a potential anti-diabetic drug. In

the successful Phase 1 clinical trial, the drug,

known as DAA-1, improved the action of insulin

(the hormone that regulates blood sugar and

is defective in diabetics) and reduced chronic

inflammation. The team will conduct further

studies on the treatment, which stemmed from

over 20 years of research.

New anti-diabetic

drug developed


Lauding best practices

in integrated care


The National University Hospital-St Luke’s

Hospital Integrated Care project received

the Best Practice Medal in Care Redesign

at the inaugural National Healthcare

Innovation and Productivity (HIP) Medals

ceremony, organised by the Ministry of

Health. The two hospitals’ collaboration has

enhanced step-down care for patients who

need total knee replacement or total hip

replacement. Patients have benefited from

the reduced transfer time between the two

institutions, shorter hospital stays, clearer

communication of care arrangements, and

better financial counselling.

From le : Prof Lee Kok Onn, Assoc Prof Teoh Yee Leong,

Associate Professor Sim Meng Kwoon

The NUH-St Luke's Hospital Integrated Care project team together with Dr Amy

Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Environment

and Water Resources (third from le ).





OCT 2016