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here are many ways to lend a hand to

needy patients, from providing financial

support to spending time to cheer

them up.

Inspired by partners who have contributed in

innovative ways, NUHS Fund Limited – the charity

arm of the National University Health System

(NUHS) – themed its 2016 Giving Tree donor

appreciation event around “Giving in Every Way”.

To kickstart a new year, NUHS Fund Limited

looks back at how individuals and organisations

have contributed to the welfare of NUHS

patients in 2016.

More ways to engage and give

Rather than just making an outright donation,

Timbre Group chose to engage its patrons to

do good too. Since October 2016, the restaurant

chain has been encouraging customers at its food

and drink outlets to round up their bills to the

nearest $10, with the di erence going to children

who require financial support for their medical

treatment. Every dollar raised is matched by

Timbre, until the target amount of $100,000

is reached.

The philosophy behind this micro-giving initiative is

that everyone is generous and, if presented with an

opportunity to give, they will. Mr Edward Chia, Co-

founder and Managing Director of Timbre Group,

hopes that through this partnership, “Timbre

can be a force for good in making a di erence to

families who need additional support”.

Other partners of NUHS Fund Limited have also

displayed the same dedication. The estate of Ms

Pacita Abad, a late artist who was a patient at the

National University Cancer Institute, Singapore,

endorsed NUHS’ collaboration with Takashimaya

Department Store to sell leather-bound notebooks

with inserts of Ms Pacita’s paintings. The funds

raised go to patients in need of financial aid.

The vibrant inserts are accompanied by

inspirational quotes by the artist, one of which

illustrates her giving spirit: “I have always believed

that an artist has a special obligation to remind

society of its social responsibility.”

This campaign, which runs from December 2016

to February 2017, is one of the many creative ways

that NUHS Fund Limited has collaborated with

corporate partners to raise funds and awareness

for the underprivileged.

NUHS Fund Limited pays

tribute to everyone who has

made a difference to the lives

of NUHS patients.





Written by the NUHS Development O ce,

which manages NUHS Fund Limited.




JAN 2017