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Research Objectives

The pharmacology of drugs that may exert neural, psychological and behavioural changes in animals and human. The key areas are as follows:


  • Diet, environmental toxins, and neurodegenerative disease
  • Neuronal stem cells
  • Neuronal lipidomics
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Evidence-based prescription in East Asia


Programme Highlights

The various research activities are ongoing. Collaborative research studies with East Asian countries continue to yield good clinical data.


  • Studies of the roles of 5-HT receptor subtypes in the effects of antidepressant drugs on adult neurogenesis and stem cell proliferation.
  • Studies of antidepressant drugs on lipidomics and glutamate receptor expression in mice.
  • Studies of noradrenergic modulation of hippocampo-prefrontal cortical long-term potentiation
  • Studies of the role of the nucleus incertus in antipsychotic-induced weight gain
  • Completed Psychotropic Drug Prescription study from 10 regions in Asian countries in June 2013.



Research Achievements


      Oct 2007: International Psychogeriatric Association Award for Research in Ageing and Cognitive


    Research Grants

      1. Co-investigator: Identification of New Biomarkers for Mild Cognitive Impairment Funded by NMRC: $495,375 (2008)
      2. Co-PI: Gerontology Research Programme: Biological, Clinical, Psychosocial and Behavioural Predictors of Health Status in Prospectively. Followed-up Cohorts of Elderly Persons, Funded by BMRC (A*Star): $2,245,524 (2008)
      3. Co-PI: Longitudinal Assessment of Biomarkers for characterisation of early Sarcopenia and predicting frailty and functional decline in community-dwelling Asian older adults Study (GERI-LABS) S$ 2,000,000 (2013)



      Bestsellers under World Scientific Publicating Company (Medicine and Healthcare):

      "A Guide to Medicinal Plants"; Authored by Koh HL, Chua TK and Tan CH



    Selected Publications


    1. Ho NF, Han SP, Dawe GS. Effect of voluntary running on adult hippocampal neurogenesis in cholinergic lesioned mice. BMC Neurosci. 2009 10:57.
    2. Lee LY, Farooqui AA, Dawe GS, Burgunder JM, Ong WY. Role of phospholipase A(2) in prepulse inhibition of the auditory startle reflex in rats. Neurosci Lett. 2009 Mar 27;453(1):6-8.
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Member(s) of Programme

Programme Coordinator:

Assoc Prof Tan Chay Hoon


A/Prof Peter Wong Tsun-Hon
A/Prof Lee How Sung
Prof Kua Ee Heok
Prof Calvin Fones Soon Leng
Dr Zhu Yi-Zhun
A/Prof Gavin Dawe
A/Prof Ong Wei Yi


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