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2nd Translational Strategies for Therapeutics Discovery Through Dementia Biomarkers Conference

A meeting organized by the NUHS Memory Aging & Cognition Centre

Singapore 1st February 2013

NUS Centre for Life Sciences Auditorium


Meeting abstract

This meeting seeks to provide its participants and audience an up-to-date evaluation of potential translational strategies to find treatments for a disease which currently has no significantly efficacious disease modifying interventions.  

Who should attend this conference?

This conference will offer participants an up-to-date overview on efforts in biomarker validation and development of novel targets to treat dementias such as Alzheimer's disease. This conference aims to provide participants an exceptional learning and networking opportunity for those working in the management of dementia. 



Professor Paul Francis (King's College London) "Neurochemical studies of dementia: clues for new biomarkers"

Professor Geert Jan Biessels (University Medical Center Utrecht) "Imaging cortical microinfarcts and cerebrovascular lesions"

Professor Duk Na (Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine) "MRI differentiation of PIB positive and PIB negative vascular dementia patients"

A/Professor Newman Sze (Nanyang Technological University) "Degenerative protein post-translational modifications in human disease and ageing"

Dr. Mitchell Lai (National University of Singapore) "Genome wide microarray approaches toward biomarker discovery in dementia"

Dr. Qiu Anqi (National University of Singapore) "Cortical atrophy and white matter lesions in vascular cognitive impairment: preliminary results from Memory Aging & Cognition Centre Harmonisation Study"

Dr. Helen Juan Zhou (Duke - National University of Singapore) "Predicting regional neurodegeneration from healthy functional connectome"

Dr. Andrea Lim (National University of Singapore) "Animal and cell culture models of Alzheimer's disease"

Dr. Kamran Ikram
(National University Hospital) "Association of Retinal Imaging with MRI and Cognition"

Dr. Chuang Kai Hsiang (Singapore Bioimaging Consortium) "Cerebral blood flow imaging in early detection of dementia"


For further details, please contact the conference secretariat at biomarkermeeting2013@nuhs.edu.sg. Registration will be closed on 21st January 2013 at 2359hrs.