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Developmental Origins: Singapore (DevOS)

    Developmental pathways to metabolic disease

$25mil Translational and Clinical Research Grant over 5 years, by National Research Foundation.


Lead Principal Investigator:
A/Prof Chong Yap Seng

About Devos

L-R: A/Prof Kenneth Kwek, A/Prof Tai E Shyong, Prof Saw Seang Mei, Prof Peter D Gluckman, A/Prof Chong Yap Seng
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  :  yap_seng_chong@nuhs.edu.sg


Co-Principal Investigators:

Prof Peter D Gluckman

Prof Saw Seang Mei

A/Prof Kenneth Kwek

A/Prof Tai E Shyong

A/Prof Lee Yung Seng



Contact Details:

Ms Moira Khaw

Communications Manager

Address :

Developmental Origins: Singapore (DevOS)

c/o National University of Singapore
Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
NUHS Tower Block, Level 12
1E Kent Ridge Road
National University of Singapore
Singapore 119228




  :    6601 1954

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  :    obgmkkc@nus.edu.sg



Aims and Research Themes

Metabolic diseases in Asia have features which set them apart from what is seen in most Western countries and show ethnic differences not yet understood or explainable by genetics alone. The majority of diabetics in the world are Asian. Yet most research is done in the West despite the phenotype (physical and behavioural characteristics) of Asian diabetics being very different.  For example, the relationship between body fat and cardiovascular risk in Indians and Chinese is quite different from that in Caucasians.


It is a matter of considerable societal, economic and strategic concern that Singapore has one of the highest incidences of diabetes in the developed world. What is equally gripping is that there are clear ethnic differences across the three major Singaporean ethnicities in terms of their propensity for metabolic disease.


Thus the focus of this programme is to address an emerging area of science that could profoundly influence the way metabolic disease, which has unique Asian features, is considered, prevented, and treated. Besides defining the developmental component of causation, this programme seeks interventions that will, in time, inform public health policies and guide clinical care of the rapidly growing populace with, or destined to be affected by, Type 2 Diabetes and its related diseases. Eventually, this could potentially lead to new therapeutic target identification and clinical applications.


Through these studies, the programme aims to:

  • Understand factors in pregnancy and early childhood which cause epigenetic changes increasing the risks for metabolic disease in adulthood. This may lead to better ways of managing pregnancy and feeding newborns and infants (public health guidelines). Applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries are also envisaged.
  • Identify epigenetic marks at birth that indicate increased risk for metabolic disease (biomarker and pathway discovery) allowing us to tailor interventions for individuals at risk as well as improve our understanding the mechanisms of these diseases.
  • Discover effective prevention and early intervention strategies, which may be in the form of simple lifestyle and nutritional interventions or even prophylactic drugs.
  • Develop cutting-edge expertise in developmental epigenetics, new capacity in translational and clinical research (capacity building), and gain novel insights in health promotion and clinical care of metabolic disease.


O2, CO2 & metabolic rate readings for SAMS participant under canopy hood in NUH

Molecular, genomic and epigenetic methodologies will be combined with physiological and clinical approaches in these projects:


1) Growing Up in Singapore Towards Healthy Outcomes(GUSTO) Study

2) Singapore Adult Metabolism Study (SAMS)


1) Growing Up in Singapore Towards Healthy Outcomes (GUSTO) Study


Mothers will be followed up from early pregnancy to document the pregnancy conditions and growth patterns of their babies and these will be correlated with the epigenetic changes detected in the placenta and umbilical cord of their babies at birth, along with their body composition.

The team will assess how these and genomic variation relate to subsequent growth and developmental patterns which lead to a predisposition to metabolic disease later on. Mothers for this study will be recruited mainly from KK Women's and Children's Hospital and from the National University Hospital.


Website: http://devos.sg/about/GUSTO.html  and


GUSTO Launch, Speakers and Guests (29th Oct 2009)
L-R (back): Prof Mark Hanson, Prof Keith Godfrey, A/Prof Kenneth Kwek, Ms Cheryl McCaffery (Industry Development Group, A*STAR), Prof Michael Meany, Mr Jay Kaelash, Dr Allan Sheppard (SICS, A*STAR), Mr James Screen (British High Commission)
L-R (front): A/Prof Chong Yap Seng, Prof Saw Seang Mei, Lord Robert Winston, Sir Peter Gluckman


Mr Christopher Au, Dr Marielle Fortier, Dr Borys Shuter and Dr Jeevesh Kapur (off-camera) keep an eagle-eye on images coming in from the first GUSTO MRI in NUH.


2) Singapore Adult Metabolism Study (SAMS) 


SAMS collaborators in SGH Life Centre.

L-R:  Doris Fok, Kaelash Jayanadan, Gladys Woon, Dr Paul Deurenberg, Dr Scott Summers, Prof Klaas R Westerterp, A/Prof Lee Yung Seng, A/Prof Tai E Shyong, Dr Eric Khoo, A/Prof Melvin Leow, Dr Khoo Chin Meng, Eric Ho.

Studies in adults with diabetes and/or obesity will evaluate the relative importance of developmental and genetic pathways in contributing to individual risk and to the efficacy of weight loss interventions. These studies will also allow us to examine mechanisms underlying insulin resistance and ethnic differences in metabolic disease risk. These studies will be conducted in investigational medicine units in National University of Singapore and Singapore General Hospital.

Website: http://devos.sg/about/SAMS1a.html


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