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Cancer Research.


Programmatic Research
1 Cancer Science Institute of Singapore Daniel G. Tenen
2 Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium Yeoh Khay Guan
Selected Projects
NoTitlePI Name
1 Cell therapy of cancer Campana, Dario
2 Genomic-based diagnosis, classification and targeted treatment of multiple myeloma Chng Wee Joo
3 a study to determine whether cytokine gene therapy can improve the efficacy and toxicity of bacillus calmette guerin (BCG) immunotherapy for bladder cancer Esuvaranathan, Kesavan
4 Translational pipeline: Developing novel therapeutics for cancer treatment, including the role of histone deacetylase inhibitors Goh Boon Cher
5 Novel therapeutic approaches to intestinal metaplasias, the precursors of gastric and esophageal adenocarcinoma Ho Khek Yu
6 Identifying novel genes underlying tumorigenesis in retinoblastoma beyond loss of Rb1 Lai Poh San
7 Development of predictive biomakers and novel approaches to therapist in breast cancer Lee Soo Chin
8 Novel drug targets for gastric cancer therapy Lim Yoon Pin
9 DNA aptamer diagnostics for cancer & disease Lim Yoon Pin
10 A novel breast cancer oncogene & candidate for targeted therapeutics Lim Yoon Pin
11 Study the mechanisms underlying the pro-survival effect of Bcl-2-Rac1 interaction in cancer cells and primary tissue from clinical lymphomas and to elucidate the role of Stat3 in this signaling network Pervaiz, Shazib
12 The role of DNA sensor pathways in myc-induced mouse B cell leukemia Stephan Gasser
13 Paired pre and post treatment whole genome gene expression profiling of bone marrow as a diagnostic and novel prognostic tool for treatment of childhood acute lymphoblastic and myeloid leukaemias ¨C a malaysia-singapore study proposal Yeoh Eng Juh
14 SGCC TCR flagship programme-GASCAD Yeoh Khay Guan
15 Novel anti-androgens of botanical origins as multiple sites modulators and if androgen receptor signaling to inhibit prostate cancer Yong Eu Leong