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2010 Grant Winners

Dec 2010  

 BMRC May 2010 Grant Call


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Regulation of mTOR signaling during hypoxia and reoxygenation Thilo Hagen Biochemistry
2 Characterizing the humoral and cell-mediated adaptive immune responses against human SARS-coronavirus and determining their abilities to cross-protect against strains residing in the animal reservoirs                          Tan Yee Joo Microbiology
3 Regulation of lymph node lymphangiogenesis by neutrophilic myeloid cells and its potential therapeutic benefit in inflammation and cancer                                         Veronique ANGELI          Microbiology                   
4 The Role of DNA Sensor Pathways in Myc-induced Mouse B Cell Leukemia                                         Stephan Gasser          Microbiology                   
5 Pathogenesis of minimal change nephrotic syndrome: Role of B7-1 mediated danger signalling in IL-13-induced podocyte injury                                         Yap Hui Kim          Paediatrics                   
6 Evaluation of nanoparticle encapsulated IL-35 DNA constructs on the effector Th2 cells mediated allergic airway inflammation                                         Chua Kaw Yan          Paediatrics                   
7 Characterizing of innate and T cell immune respones and identification of biomarkers associated with Wheeze in the First 24 Months of Life                                         Chua Kaw Yan          Paediatrics                   
8 Role of the nucleus incertus in the effects of stress on hippocampal and prefrontal cortical synaptic plasticity and cognition                                         Gavin Stewart Dawe          Pharmacology                   
9 An investigation of the role of hydrogen sulfide in atherosclerosis in man and animals                                         Philip Moore          Pharmacology                   
10 RNA editing of IQ-domain of CaV1.3 calcium channels: mechanism and biological role in central nervous system                                         Soong Tuck Wah          Physiology                   


 National Kidney Foundation


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Control of Fasting Hyperglycemia and Fatty Acid Metabolism in Diabetes Mellitus by the Nuclear Receptor HNF4A1 Martin Lee Medicine
2 Prevention of tenofovir-related renal tubular toxicity: Strategies and mechanisms                          Lawrence Lee Soon-U Medicine
3 Clinical prevalence and associated factors of erectile dysfunction in uremia                                         Ganesan Adaikan          Obstetrics & Gynaecology                   
4 Targeted inhibition of signal transducer and activator of transcription-3 pathway for the treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma                                         Gautam Sethi          Pharmacology                   
5 Mood, cognitive, physical functioning and quality of life in older adults with chronic kidney disease (CKD)                                         Ng Tze Pin          Psychological Medicine                   


 Singapore Cancer Society


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 A systematic study of submucosal nasopharyngeal carcinoma: the detection of markers of aggressive tumor behavior for treatment Thomas Loh Kwok Seng Otolaryngology
2 Molecular epidemiology of lung adenocarcinoma in multi-ethnic Asian phenotype                          Lee Pyng Medicine
3 Estrogenic biomarkers in predicting breast cancer risk: The Singapore Health Study                                         Koh Woon Puay          EPH                   


SMF-NUS Research Horizons Awards


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 An enhanced vector-based miRNA-adapted shRNA targeting a positive stranded RNA virus replication intermediate to inhibit infection                Mary Ng Mah Lee                          Microbiology      


Nov 2010  

 A*STAR Biomedical Engineering Program


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 A wearable system for the detection and recording of snoring for obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome: Proof Of Concept Daniel Goh Paediatrics
2 Novel preferential covered carotid stent for embolic stroke prevention in carotid stenting Jackie Ho Surgery
3 Ultrasound imaging transducers for precision needle intervention Lee Chuen Neng Surgery
4 Development of a compact SiPM-based PET detector for clincial applications Quek Swee Tian Diagnostic Imaging
5 Biocompatible real-time implantable close-loop glucose-control system (BRICGS) Stephan Chang Surgery
6 Image guided robotic assisted surgical training (IRAS) Stephan Chang         Surgery


NMRC May 2010 Grant Call (IRG)

S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Role of Th2 cytokines in dysregulation of cholestrol metabolism in nephrotic syndrome: modulation of SREBP and OSM-mediated pathways in an IL-13 overexpression model of minimal change  nephropathy                             Yap Hui Kim  Paediatrics  
2 Stimulation of cardiac Na+/K+ with its antibody- A novel approach to treat chronic heart failure                             Bian Jinsong Pharmacology
3 The quantification and physiological function of ergothioneine in vivo Barry Halliwell Pharmacology
4 Reduction in hemorrhagic transformation by RNA interfence from microRNAs upon tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) treatment of ischemic stroke Kandiah Jeyaseelan Biochemistry
5 Promoting effective lymphatic drainage of the arteries as a new therapeutic intervention for atherosclerosis Angeli Veronique Microbiology
6 Non-invasive evaluation of Chronic Allograft Nephropathy/ Interstitial Fibrosis and Tubular Atrophy (IFTA) in renal transplants with advanced magnetic reasonance imaging techniques Venkatesh Sudhakar Kundapur Diagnostic Radiology
7 Dietary fatty acids, oxylipins and risk of coronary heart disease in Singapore Chinese van Dam Rob M. EPH
8 Defining the mechanism of γ-glutamyl transpeptidase-mediated pathogenesis in Helicobacter pylori-associated severe gastric diseases and the development of a potential diagnostic marker for the disease Ho Bow Microbiology
9 Key drivers of tumor growth in nasal polyposis Wang De Yun Otolaryngology
10 Development of novel anti-HIV-1/AIDS drug-targeting host viral protein interactions based on a unique high-throughput screening platform using the cell-free protein synthesis system Yamamoto Naoki          Microbiology


NMRC May 2010 Grant Call (EDG)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 An exploratory randomized controlled trial of a novel family-based intervention to increase outdoor time for the prevention of myopia and increase physical activity among Singapore youth Saw Seang Mei                  EPH                  
2 A biomaterial strategy to prevent Acinetobacter biofilm formation Chua Kim Lee Biochemistry
3 Quorum-based technology: developing anti-virulence therapeutics targeting Gram-positive bacterial pathogens Yew Wen Shan Biochemistry
4 Basic characterization of a panel of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies targeting the hemagglutinin (HA) of the H5N1 influenza A virus: assessment of the potential for development as reagents for passive immunotherapy Tan Yee Joo Microbiology
5 The putative mechanism siderophore-a potential novel therapeutic target for neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative disease Dawe Gavin Stewart Pharmacology
6 Project to study the potential use of emolin (1,3,8-trihydroxy-6-methylanthraquinone) for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma in-vitro and in-vivo Sethi Gautam Pharmacolgy   


NMRC May 2010 Grant Call (NIG)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Exploring biomarkers as risk factors for cardiovascular disease in paediatric chronic kidney disease                                    Thong Wen Yi              Nephrology
2 Augmentation of liver regeneration and liver support in extended liver resections and small for size liver Iyer Shridhar Ganpathi Surgery
3 Role of thymosin-β4 in enhancing function and survival of endothelial progenitor cells in diabetes mellitus Poh Kian Keong Cardiology
4 Identification of Frizzled-7 (FZD7) as a novel molecular driver for a specific ovarian cancer subtype which harbors stem-cell property Huang Ruby Yan Ju Obstetrics and Gynaecology
5 Mechanisms of pattern recognition and immune response in invasive aspergillosis Louis Chai Medicine


NUS-Ageing Integrative Research

S/N Project Title PI Department
1 The built environment and quality of life of older persons                                                                        Ng Tze Pin                     Psychological Medicine


Oct 2010  


National Reseach Foundation Proof-of-Concept (July 2010 Grant Call)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 A randomised double-blind and placebo-controlled trial of an anti-malarial drug artesunate for chronic asthma Fred Wong Wai Shiu Pharmacology


Virtual Institute for the Study of Ageing (VISA) (July 2010 Grant Call)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 A cognitive behavioural bibliotheraphy for older people with depressive symptoms: a feasibility study                                                                           Chan Wai-Chi Sally            Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies     


National Research Foundation Fellowship Award (Extension)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Conditional ligands for class I MHC products: application to epitote discovery for dengue and respiratory syncytial virus-specific CB8+ T Gijsbert Grotenbreg Microbiology


MINDEF-NUS JPP (July 2010 Grant Call)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Visually disabling ocular complications of high myopia in Singapore Armed Forces conscripts Saw Seang Mei EPH


A*STAR-NZ HRC (March 2010 Grant Call)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 YB-1 interacting partners in breast cancer progression Bay Boon Huat Anatomy

Sep 2010  

 Tier 2 MOE Oct 2009 Grant Call


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Investigation of the role of CENP-A amino-terminus in preventing aneuploidy Chen Ee Sin Biochemistry
2 Molecular mechanism of STAT3 regulated tumor angiogenesis Fu Xin-Yuan Biochemistry
3 Regulation of Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses by MAP Kinase Phosphatase 7 Zhang Yongliang Microbiology


 Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Development of an Endovascular implant for treatment of aortic aneurysms Benjamin Chua Surgery
2 A safe and effective endoluminal anchor and delivery system for gastro-duodenal sleeves Jimmy So Surgery

Aug 2010  

Singapore Stem Cell Consortium (March 2010 Grant Call) 


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Control of muscle cell differentiation and quiescence Reshma Taneja Physiology

Jul 2010  

NUS-Mindef Joint Applied R&D Cooperation Programme (Feb 2010 Grant Call)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Molecular epidemiology of seasonal and pandemic influenza in a semi-closed setting. Paul Ananth Tambyah Medicine

SERC Public Sector R&D Project Funding Jan 2010 Grant Call


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Development of Methylcalix[4]resorcinarene-appended Macrocycle-bonded Chiral Stationary Phases for Fast and High-resolution Chiral Separation in Capillary Electrochromatography Gong Yihan

Obstetrics and Gynaecology 


Academic Research Fund - Tier 1 June 2010 Grant Call

 Faculty Research Committee

S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Study of fission yeast HMGB proteins in regulating chromatin-dependent processes Chen Ee Sin Biochemistry
2 Cell type-specific pattern of chromatin modification Takao Inoue Biochemistry
3 Enhancing biomining of electronic waste via synthetic lixiviant enzymology Yew Wen Shan Biochemistry
4 Evaluating the role of dynamic renal function (GFR stress test) in predicting kidney disease progression Teo Boon Wee Medicine
5 Understanding the interactions between DEAD-box proteins and hepatitis C virus Tan Yee Joo Microbiology
6 Evaluation of mTOR inhibition and cytokine gene therapy for bladder cancer Edmund Chiong Surgery


A*STAR-TEKES Joing Grant Call


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 A Quantitative Study on Airflow Patterns across Doorways: A Risk for the Failure of Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms for Aerosol Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities Julian Tang

Laboratory Medicine 


Jun 2010  

NKF Research Grant (Jan 2010 Grant Call)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Minimising renal dysfunction in paediatric liver transplant recipients with closer monitoring of renal function and optimising immunosuppression using the Cylex®lmmuKnowTM assay. Marion M. Aw Paediatrics
2 The Role of Immune Monitoring in Predicting Acute and Chronic Complications Among Renal Transplant Recipients. Anantharaman Vathsala Medicine
3 Prospective one year follow up of acute kidney injury in septic patients admitted to medical ICU. Mukhopadhyay Amartya Medicine
4 Portable, non-invasive dry weight assessment and vascular access monitoring using modern bioimpedance analysis for optimal management of hemodialysis patients. Victor Lee Tswen Wen Surgery


SICS Request for Proposals (2nd Grant Call for Proposals)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Nutrition studies and dietary intervention in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus of Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnicity. Khoo Yin Hao, Eric Medicine

May 2010 

NMRC Nov 2009 Grant Call (IRG)

S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Identification of prognostic biomarkers for hepatocellular carcinoma                          Chung Ching Ming Maxey Biochemistry 
2 Suppression of AMPK as a novel cancer chemotherapeutic strategy via inhibition of autophagy Shen Han-Ming EPH
3 Statistical methods for secondary analysis of nested case-control data Agus Salim EPH
4 Immunology and immunopathology of influenza A infection David Michael Kemeny Microbiology
5 Novel approaches to promote vascular regeneration and tissue healing in orthopaedic surgery via biomaterial functionalization Wilson Wang Ee Jen Orthopaedic Surgery
6 The purification and use of FGF-2 binding heparan sulfate to increase the healing of critical-sized bone defects James Hui Hoi Po Orthopaedic Surgery
7 Identification of cell-associated and soluble mediators that module the inflammatory microenvironment in classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Lim Yaw-Chyn Pathology
8 Involvement of the forebrain theta network of structures in acute and chronic pain Sanjay Khanna Physiology
9 The molecular epidemiology of influenza in a tropical country Tang Julian Wei-Tze Laboratory Medicine


NMRC Nov 2009 Grant Call (EDG)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Evaluation and screening of scorpion sodium channel toxins for potential anti-tumor activity Bay Boon Huat Anatomy 
2 Evulation of the anti-cancer function of autophagy ina zebrafish liver cancer model Shen Han-Ming EPH
3 Identifying potential biomarkers functionally linked to t(4;14) multiple myeloma using plasma membrane proteomics Chng Wee Joo Medicine
4 Development of a novel mouse model of Enterovirus-71 infection Sylvie Alonso Microbiology
5 Derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells from the reprogramming of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells Susan Lim Orthopaedic Surgery
6 Gene expression profile of solute carrier (SLC) transporters and their roles in the uptake of anti-retroviral drugs across human T4 lymphocytes Edmund Jon Deoon Lee Pharmacology
7 Epigenetic regulation of muscle differentiation Reshma Taneja Physiology
8 Investigation of the therapeutic effects of soluble IL-18 decoy receptor in keloid scars Phan Toan Thang Surgery
9 Autologous cord blood cells for brain injury in term newborns Lee Jiun Neonatology

NMRC May 2009 Grant Call (NIG)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Does a mutation at the KCNQ1 locus that confers susceptibility to type 2 diabetes mellitus also cause QT abnormalities in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus? Khoo Chin Meng Medicine 
2 The role of immune monitoring in predicting acute and chronic complications among renal transplant recipients Ng Yue-Harn Medicine
3 Association of placental syncytiotrophoblast membrane micro-particles with maternal immune response in recurrent pregnancy loss Sheila Vasoo Medicine
4 A phase II trial of pre-operative concurrent chemotheraphy and intensity modulated radiotheraphy (IMRT) in locally advanced rectal cancer Jeremy Tey Radiation Oncology


A*STAR-NKTH Sep 2009 Grant Call


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 GAGPharma: Development of Bioactive Anti-Cancer Glycosaminoglycan Oliogosaccharides for Breast Carcinoma Treatment George Yip Anatomy
Peter Fugedi Carbohydrate Chemistry (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
2 Reverse Signal Transduction of Tumor Necrosis Factor Superfamily Members Herbert Schwarz Physiology
Erno Duda Medical Biology (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Medical Center, University of Szeged)


VISA Feb 2010 Grant Call


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 A pilot study of the effectiveness of a low vision self-management program for older Chinese people with low vision in Singapore Vicki Drudy Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies
2 Molecular mechanisms underlying aging-related decline of muscle regeneration Reshma Taneja Physiology
3 The association between diet and health status in Asian elderly: a pilot study. Feng Lei Psychological Medicine
4 Molecular basis of age-associated deficiency in cystathione--lyase in human lens epithelial cells: relevance in senile cataractogenesis. Deng Lih Wen Biochemistry

Apr 2010 

BMRC Bedside and Bench Grant


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Using functional genetic variants to understand the mechanism of chronic metabolic disease and to prioritize therapeutic targets for their treatment Tai E Shyong Medicine
2 Genetic progostication of curve progression in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in Asian school children Wong Hee Kit Orthopaedic Surgery

BMRC May 2009 Grant Call


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Neurodegeneration in apolipoprotein E4 carriers: the regulation of mTOR1 by labile zinc as a new mechanism of action Barry Halliwell Biochemistry
2 A study to investigate the activation of a new Akt/NHE-1 "feedback loop" in the redox regulation of survival in normal and tumour cells Marie Veronique Clement Biochemistry
3 Molecular characterization of cellular receptor(s) and viral attachment domain of Chikungunya virus: possible implications for anti-viral therapy and vaccine development Chu Jang Hann, Justin Microbiology
4 Intrauterine gene therapy of haemophilia in a non-human primate model Jerry Chan O&G
5 Functionalization of Bioresorbable Poly-Apsilon-Caprolactone-20% Tricalcium Phosphate Cage Devices to Enhance Delivery of Biological Factors in Interbody Spine Fusion Wong Hee Kit
Orthopaedic Surgery
6 Development of andrographolide and its derivatives for the treatment of allergic asthma and asthma exacerbation Fred Wong Wai Shiu Pharmacology
7 Development and spatial expressions of NR3B subunit in rat brain and functional properties of Nr3B-containing N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors Low Chian-Ming Pharmacology
8 Investigating the isoform-specific effects of apolipoprotein E on N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) signalling during age-related memory decline Wong Boon Seng Physiology
9 Virus-induced host cubic membranes: a novel biomarker and target for understanding and combating viral infections Deng Yuru Physiology
10 Ablation of alternatively spliced exon 33 or Cav1.2 channel by genetic targeting in mouse: implications in functions of cardiovascular and nervous system Soong Tuck Wah Physiology


MOH HSR (August 2009 Grant Call)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 The health, social and financial effects of care-giving among primary and secondary domestic caregivers of elderly stroke patients in the first post stroke year: a prospective cohort study Gerald CH Koh EPH
2 Developing and testing the new, 5-level EQ-5D questionnaire for health services research in Singapore Luo Nan EPH
3 Evidence based psotoperative monitoring stratification protocol - Use of the Surgical Risk Score (SRS) to enhance monitoring capabilities Raymond Goy Wee Lip Anaesthesia
4 Colonoscopy quality and safety in public hospitals in Singapore Yeoh Khay Guan Medicine


NMRC Clinician Scientist Award (October 2009 Grant Call)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Singapore Heart Failure Outcomes and Phenotypes. Carolyn Lam Su Ping Medicine
2 Individualizing doses and predicting drug-drug interactions for anti-cancer and anti-HIV medications metabolized by UDP-glucuronosyltrasferases. Lawrence Lee Soon-U Medicine
3 Translational pipeline: Developing novel therapeutics for cancer treatment, including the role of histone deacetylase inhibitors. Goh Boon Cher Haema-Onco  


NRF-POC (October 2009 Grant Call)


S/N Project Title PI Department
1 Partial breast reconstruction using a nanofibrous scaffold following breast-conserving surgery. Chan Ching Wan Surgery
2 CDH17 Marker as a Novel Target for Liver and Stomach Cancer Therapies. John M Luk Pharmacology
3 Development of a Novel Bioabsorbable Drug Eluting Ventilation Tube for Chronic Middle Ear Effusion. Lynne Lim Otolaryngology

Mar 2010


2nd NUHS Cross – Department Grant


S/N Project Name Name of PIs Department
1 Comparison of the characteristics of hepatitis C virus proteins of genotypes 1b and 2a

Tan Yee Joo


Lim Seng Gee

Gastroenterology & Hepatology

2 Development of suture materials with improved tendon repair qualities

Wilson Wang En Jen

Orthopaedic Surgery

Gijsbert Grotenbreg


3 Validation of quality of life instruments for assessing patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD)

Luo Nan

Epidemiology & Public Health

Titus Lan


4 Investigating possible links between chromosome condensation and cancer

Yeong Foong May


Sng Jen-Hwei


5 Differential expression of drug transporters in hematopoietic progenitor and leukemic cells

Edmund Jon Deoon Lee


Yeoh Eng Juh Allen


6 Examine the effectiveness of a music intervention on pain and anxiety for patients receiving chemotherapy: a randomized controlled trial

Moon Fai Chan

Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies

Emily Neo Kim Ang

National University Cancer Institute, Singapore

7 Impact of respiratory viral infections in the first 2 years of life on persistent allergic and non-allergic rhinitis in childhood Goh Yam Thiam, Daniel Paediatrics
Julian Tang Microbiology
8 Depression and inflammatory bowel disease in animal models: Exploration of immunological signalling mechanism and reversibility with antidepressant treatment Roger CM Ho Psychological Medicine
Alan YW Lee Physiology
9 Regulatory factors of CD151 expression in non-small cell lung cancer Tam, John Kit Chung Surgery - CTVS
Tran, Thai Physiology
10 Oseltamivir resistance in pandemic influenza A (H1N1/2009) viruses detected at National University Hospital - a retrospective and prospective study Julian Tang Laboratory Medicine
Paul A Tambyah Medicine
11 Comparison of viral etiologies in provoked (benign afebrile) seizures and in febrile seizures in healthy children Stacey Tay Paediatrics
Evelyn SC Koay Laboratory Medicine / Pathology



1st NUS Medicine - Engineering Grant


S/N Project Name PIs Department
1 Fabrication of growth factor eluting nano-porous tubes from polymeric-bioceramic composites for orthopaedic tissue engineering applications Wong Hee-Kit

Orthopaedic Surgery

Zhang Yong Bioengineering
2 Barrier membrane for Cardiovascular and Skin Tissue Engineering Jane Lim Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery
Teoh Swee Hin

Mechanical Engineering

3 Real-time continuous perfusion monitoring of liver allograft in liver transplantation with a wireless vascular flow sensor Victor Tswen Wen Surgery
Lian Yong

Electrical and Computer Engineering

4 New Methodologies for Functionalizing Catheters to Inhibit Bacterial Adhesion and Colonization Edmund Chiong


Neoh Koon Gee

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering





Feb 2010


Proof-of-Concept Grants


S/N Project Name PI Department
1 Partial breast reconstruction using a nanofibrous scaffold follwoig breast-conserving surgery Chan Ching Wan Surgery
2 CDH17 marker as a novel target for liver and stomach cancer therapies John Luk Pharmacology
3 Fluorescent tagged antimalarials as commerial molecular probes to diagnose drug resistance and to study disease Kevin Tan Microbiology
4 Development of a novel bioabsorbable drug-eluting ventilation tube for chronic middle ear infection Lynne Lim ENT

For more information, please refer to NRF Press Release, 13 Feb 2010.



Academic Research Fund – Tier 1 Grant

Faculty Research Committee


S/N Project Name PI Department
1 Further Exploration of Adrenomedullin as a Novel Therapeutic Peptide for Lupus Nephritis using MRL/lpr Mouse Model Anselm Mak Medicine
2 Investigating the Biologic Role and Clinical Relevance of RUNX Genes in NK/T -Cell Lymphoma Ng Siok Bian Pathology
3 Exploring the Molecular Functions of the Pluripotency and Reprogramming Factor Lin 28 Wu Qiang Biochemistry
4 Targeting Constitutive and Interleukin-6-inducible STAT-3 Signaling Cascade in Head and Neck Cancer by Novel Histone Acetyltransferase Inhibitor Gautam Sethi Pharmacology
5 c-Abl is a Positive Regulator of Telomerase and Governs Telomerase Translocation in Different Cellular Compartments Wang Xueying Biochemistry
6 Exploring the Impacts of Anxiety, Depression and Family Function of Couple after Intrauterine Death, Stillbirth, or Neonatal Death Chan Moon Fai Nursing
7 Preparation and Application of a New Type of Calixarene- and Crown Ether-capped Cyclodextrin-bonded Chiral Stationary Phases for Fast and High-Resolution Chiral Druf Separations Gong Yinhan O&G
8 Evaluation of Stemness, Growth Behavious and Safety of Human umbilical Cord Matrix Stem Cells Fong Chui Yee O&G
9 Does Pyruvate Metabolism Determine Tumour Malignancy? Sit Kim Ping Biochemistry
10 Study of the Physiological Ramifications of Chemotherapeutic Agents using Fission Yeast Chen Ee Sin Biochemistry
11 Elucidating Mechanism of Glucose Remission Post-Bariatic Surgery using MicroRNA Analysis Khoo Chin Meng Medicine