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Procedure for Collaborative Agreements

All industry sponsorship requires an agreement to be instituted between the parties.

Types of collaborative agreements


Many industry collaborative agreements would fall into either of the two categories below:

  • Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA)
    An RCA is a legal agreement entered into between 2 or more parties to work together and contribute resources towards a common research inquiry; drawing synergies from one another's expertise and experiences in specific fields. Any intellectual property (IP) that arises from the collaboration is expected to be shared jointly between the parties, based on the inventive contributions provided by the parties. You need an RCA when:

(i) You require your external collaborator(s) to be bound to deliver their contributions, which would otherwise jeopardize your research goals; OR 
(ii) you are required, under specific grant terms and conditions, to enter into such agreement for external collaborations you have indicated in your approved grant application.

  • Contract Research Agreement (CRA)
    A CRA is also a legal agreement entered into between 2 or more parties. However, a CRA is specifically applicable when one party, typically an industry partner, is funding ALL costs required to conduct the project which does not require substantive inventive contribution from the other party AND hence expects to own ALL IP and reports from the research. Such projects are also known as fee-for-service projects.


Request for Review (For NUHS Staff)

NUHS Research Office reviews the legal aspects of Contract Research Agreement (CRA), Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) and indemnity agreements prepared by the PI and the external party (sponsor) involved.

Principal investigators can request for a review of RCA/CRA/others, by submitting the request form to NUHS Research Office via email to Surinder.

Application Process (For NUS Staff)

1. What do I need to do?


Complete and return Schedule 1 to ILO (email to: ilobox4@nus.edu.sg).

Schedule 1 is meant to guide you to provide the standard relevant information required. However, if you have additional information which you think ILO needs to know, please do indicate them as well.

If you need help with completing Schedule 1, please contact ILO for assistance.

2. Why do I need to complete Schedule 1?


The ILO case managers need to understand, among others, the scope of the work, deliverables due and budget/contributions made or to be made by the parties. This way, they could tailor the agreement specifically to suit the requirements of the project and to also negotiate more effectively in the best interests of your research and NUS.

More importantly, Schedule 1 forms part of the legal agreement and it records the understanding between the parties of the collaboration.


3. How long will it take to conclude the agreement?


It generally takes between 6-8 weeks to conclude an agreement. However, the length of negotiations really depends on the motivation of both parties to reach a mutually-beneficial consensus.

More details can be found at: http://www.nus.edu.sg/ilo/faculty/sponsoredresearch.html or PIs can consult professional staff at ILO for further information and advice.