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BMRC-SERC Joint Nutrition and Food Science Grant Call


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This call is jointly managed by the Science and Engineering Research (SERC) and Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) that aims to boost Singapore's strategic intent to develop its food and nutrition industry. With the rising trend of chronic and metabolic diseases, coupled with an escalating ageing population, there is a national need to promote health and wellness. Together with the paralleled growth of the food industry, Singapore has an opportunity to integrate both industry and national needs by driving the food industry through R&D.


Please refer to the website for more information.


Funding Information

Capped Amount Maximum Duration
 $1M   3 years


Scope and Project Assessment


Projects will be assessed based on:


  1. Project feasibility

  2. Relevance to food and nutrition industry

  3. Potential benefit to the food and nutrition industry



Application Criteria


The Principal Investigator (PI) for the proposal must be primarily employed in the public sector and must fulfil the following conditions:


  1. Possess a minimum academic qualification of a Bachelors degree; and

  3. Reside in Singapore for at least 9 months in a year



Private sector involvement:


  1. Applicants from private sector are NOT eligible to receive funding from this grant BUT,

  3. May take part as a collaborator of projects, and

  5. Co-fund the project either in cash or in-kind contribution; the assignment of commercialisation rights and distribution of any intellectual property (IP) (made according to the contributions by the respective parties) will be established in a Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) prior to the commencement of the project



General guidelines


  • This grant call will not fund generic research or general studies with NO correlation to nutrition or food science (e.g. generic studies on microbiology, unrelated studies on metabolic diseases, general studies on sustainable manufacturing)

    This grant call will not fund downstream product development projects that food companies are likely to research on their own (e.g. product extensions). However, product research which makes a fundamental change in the nature of product or incorporates new breakthrough research will be accepted.

    This grant will be responsive (but not limited) to projects in the following topic areas:


    1. Nutrition
    2. Food Science and Technology
    3. Sustainable, Efficient and Cost-effective Food Production or Manufacture
    4. Food Safety & Food Security



    This grant call will give preference (but will not be limited) to projects involving:


    1. Research of multidisciplinary sciences
    2. Cross-disciplinary research between both nutrition and food science
    3. Solutions to national problems
    4. Relevance to Singapore or Asian population
    5. Public health concerns
    6. Relevance to local Singapore or Asian foods
    7. Solutions to problems in the food industry
    8. Industry collaborators (Please see private sector involvement below)


    Please see Annex A for suggested areas and examples of projects.


    This grant call will not fund:


    1. Diet surveys
    2. Nutrition profiling
    3. Short-term dietary interventions
    4. Food policy studies
    5. Food marketing
    6. Downstream commercial product testing studies




    Grant Process


    Applications will be evaluated in two phases:


    • Phase I:    A solicitation for four-page pre-proposal, and

    • Phase II:   Full proposal submissions based upon a review and selection of the most promising projects in phase 1. Invitations will be extended to a limited number of applicants to submit full proposals during phase 2 in 29 Aug 2011.


    See Annex B for more details of the grant review process and timeline.






    Applicants are required to submit a four page pre-proposal in a soft (in Word format) and hard copy with HoD’s endorsement with the respective Grant Endorsement Form to NUHS Research Office, Level 11 by 8 Aug 2011 Monday, 2pm.



    SoM PIs NUH PIs
    1. One original hardcopy of NUS Grant endorsement form

    3. Softcopy of four-page Pre-Proposal(MS Word)
    1. One original hardcopy of NUH  endorsement form

    3. Softcopy of four-page Pre-Proposal (MS Word)



    Contact Us


    Ms Serene Lim DID: 6772 3718 Email: medv951@nus.edu.sg