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Grant Financial Regulations

Grant Fundable and Non-Fundable Items

Each funding agency adopts a different set of guidelines pertaining to the spending of their grants. Some agencies are more specific than others in their requirements.


The links to the major funding agencies' guidelines are listed below:


Type of Grant Guidelines
NMRC NMRC Financial Regulations
MOE AcRF Tier 1 AcRF Tier 1 Fundable & Non-Fundable Items
MOE AcRF Tier 2 AcRF Tier 2 Fundable & Non-Fundable Items
A*STAR BMRC & SERC Guidelines on Managing an A*STAR Grant
NRF CRP CRP Guidelines
NUHS Internal Grants

NUHS Grants General Administrative Guidelines

Annex A - Fundable and Non-Fundable Items



HR Guidelines for Manpower Budget

For funded research staff to be employed under NUH/NUHS, please refer to HR Kit for PI (password protected, please contact NUH HR for the password)


For funded research staff to be employed under NUS, please refer to AcRF-Tier 1 Supplementary Guide (Page 13-17)