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Temasek Research Fellowship (TRF)


The Temasek Research Fellowship (TRF) is a scheme aimed at recruiting outstanding young researchers with Ph.D Degree in science and technology. The scheme provides young researchers an opportunity to conduct and lead research that is relevant to defence.


The Fellowship offers:

• A 3-year research grant that commensurate with the scope of work, with an option to extend up to a further 3 years;
• Possible tenure-track academic appointment with NUS at the end of the TRF; and
• Attractive and competitive remuneration.


Fellows may lead and conduct research, and publish in these areas :

1. Advanced Protective Materials
2. Bio-mimetic Aerodynamics
3. Cyber Security
4. Sensemaking Technology
5. Sensor Systems and Signal Processing


Other fundamental areas of science or technology, where a breakthrough may be of interest to defence and security, will also be considered.


Interested staff members are encouraged to discuss their research proposal with the relevant Programme Managers (PM) listed in the website before submitting the application. Applicants will be shortlisted by a TRF Review Panel, and will be invited to present their research plans, meet local researchers and identify potential collaborators in May 2012.



Please visit the website for more information.



Outstanding scientists and researchers with Ph.D Degree in the relevant discipline of science or technology from a reputable university are eligible to apply for the TRF.


Research project proposals which are already funded by other agencies or are being considered for funding by other agencies are not eligible for funding under the TRF scheme. The TRF-RF shall not apply for other funding support, unless approval has been given by the TRF funding agency.



Schedule of Annual Call


There is 1 call a year, usually in Sept/Oct.


Application Procedure


All applications from within NUS must include the following :

• Completed Grant Endorsement Form (only applicable to NUS applicants)


• Completed TRF Research Fellowship Application Form

• Detailed Curriculum Vitae (including complete publication listing, employment history, education history, language proficiency and current employment status)

• Certificates - basic and postgraduate qualifications including detailed transcripts of grades / scores (must be duly certified)

• Abstract of previous research accomplishments (list titles and references of published works, including works in process, patents, and papers presented at conferences, etc)

• Three recent international referee reports, complete with each referee's one-page Curriculum Vitae


Please Submit the hardcopy and softcopy of the above-mentioned documents for follow-up by 1 Feb 2012 to :


Sherline Tay / Geetha Baskaran
Dean's Office (Research Division),
National University Health System
1E Kent Ridge Road
NUHS Tower Block, Level 11
Singapore 119228



Contact Us


Ms Sherline Tay Tel : 6772 3713 Email: medtgss@nus.edu.sg

Ms Geetha Baskaran

Tel : 6772 3714

Email : medgb@nus.edu.sg