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NUS-GAI Call for Proposals-China India Cooperation Studies

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The NUS, Global Asia Institute (GAI) has announced a call for proposal on China-India Cooperation Studies. The call aims to take the lead in research and scholarships directed at topics pivotal to Asia's future. Its mission is to provide in-depth insights to shape the nature of 21st century Asia while focusing on integrative studies with a holistic approach.


It would also aim to advance the research profile of NUS in the following distinct ways:


- Taking a multi-disciplinary approach and understanding to one or more overarching issues central to Asia's future by combining depth of study with a rigorous examination of the complex interconnections and interactions between these issues.

- Addressing research questions comprehensively by considering both similarities and differences across regions of Asia with a particular emphasis on China and India.


- Producing outputs that go beyond policy questions and also address technological issues.


- Catalyzing the application of advanced information technology, such as sophisticated data mining and map-based technologies, to support the data analyses.


Please visit the website for more details. 




1) The proposals must be submitted by groups of 2 or more PIs; each group must comprise of researchers from NUS in the lead role and should be supported by scholars and policy experts from China and India.


2) Research proposals shouls have a focus on China and India, aim to explore and understand possibilities for cooperation with and without new enabling environment (policies and institutions included). Please note that the proposals should primarily focus on prospects and possibilities for cooperation.


3) PIs are requested to submit a maximum 12-page research proposal. The research proposal must clearly outline the research question, integrative research approach, proposed deliverables (monographs, journal publications, etc), detailed budget and timelines.





Schedule of Annual Call


There is 1 call a year, usually in February.




Application Procedure


Please forward the following documnets to NUHS Research Office by 21 February 2011 Monday 5pm.

Please send the softcopy to Grant_RO@nuhs.edu.sg


1) NUS Grant Endorsement Form

- 1 original hardcopy, duly-signed by the PI and HoD


2) Application form (10-12 pages)

- 1 original hardcopy

- softcopy (Word doc)



Contact Us


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquires.


Ms Serene Lim

Tel : 6772 3718

Email : medv951@nus.edu.sg