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HP Labs Innovation Research Program (IRP)

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HP Labs' Innovation Research Program (IRP) is designed to create opportunities at colleges, universities and research institutes around the world for collaborative research with HP. Awards made through the IRP are primarily intended to provide financial support for a graduate student to
assist the Principal Investigator in conducting a collaborative research project with HP Labs.


In order to streamline the process for participants, the 2012 IRP Call for Proposals will have two phases:


First Round: Applicants are invited to prepare and submit a short abstract of their research proposal. HP Labs will review the abstracts received and select a number to participate in the second round. All applicants will be notified at the end of the first round of the outcome of the review.


Second Round: The authors of successful abstracts will be invited to submit a full version of their proposal for consideration. The invitation to participate in the second round will include details of the HP Labs Innovation Research Program Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA). Please see Collaborative Research Agreement below.


Final award selection from the invited proposals will be competitive, and it is unlikely that all will be awarded funding.


Research Topics

Submitted proposals must align with one of the research topics described below:



Cloud Platforms and Services


Client/Cloud Multimedia Computing


Numerical Simulation of Plasma Discharges


Security for the Enterprise and the Cloud


Mobile Multi-Modal Sensing


Research in Support of Enterprise 2.0


Analytics for Enterprise Productivity


Novel Sensors and Associated Applications for Mobile Devices


Social, Human-focused Processes in the Enterprise


Intelligent Storage -- Big Data, the Cloud and New Technologies


Immersive Displays and Immersive Environments


Research in the Dynamic Support of Future Business Environments


Live Analytics




Technologies for Distributed Enterprise Services


High Performance Computing in Cloud


CMOS-nanoelectronics Hybrids for Terascale ICs


Research in Support of Vertical Services


High Performance Electro-Optic Materials


Distributed Personal Archives


Attention Allocation in Information-rich Environments


High Radix Photonic Routers


Material Appearance Characterization and Reproduction for Soft

Proofing (MACREP)


Mobile Services for Personalized and Localized Information Access


Nanophotonic Coherent Optical Sources


Multimedia Understanding, Composition and User Analytics


Sustainable Ecosystems


Please read the topics carefully before submitting your proposal. If your proposal spans across topic areas, please select the closest match and note the fact in your submission.


Please refer to the HP website for more details.


Funding Information


Funding Amount Duration

Typically US$50,000- US$75, 000

(inclusive of overheads) 

1 year

(renewable up to maximum of 3 years)

*Researchers who received an award through the 2011 IRP call for proposals will be contacted in February 2012 regarding steps for submission of updated project information related to renewal of funding.


Application Criteria


1.    Proposals that offer significant university or other third-party resources to expand the collaboration (for example, through a matching commitment to support additional dedicated graduate students) will receive particular consideration.

2.    HP will evaluate proposals against five primary criteria:

v   The innovativeness, ambition, and scientific and societal impact of the research

v   How well the proposed research addresses the topic outlined in the Call for Proposals

v   The strength of the research plan

v   The research record and standing of the principal investigator in relevant fields

v   The amount of university or third-party (non-HP) resources to be dedicated to the project


3.    Abstract should not be longer than 3-pages with the following information (excluding images, figures and graphics as annexes):

ü  Title of Proposal

ü  Executive Summary

ü  Description of Proposed Research

ü  Related Work and References

ü  Budget and Resources


4.    CV of 1-2 page for each member and must be consolidated into a single file in PDF format for uploading

5.    Please note that this grant is only applicable to NUS researchers.




Schedule of Annual Call


There is 1 call a year.


Application Procedure

A ) Online Submission of Abstracts to HP - Deadline: 27 January 2012 - Friday, 5pm Pacific Time


§  The online submission system will open on 02 January 2012, Monday.

§  All proposal abstracts must be submitted using the online system.

§  Applicants can register multiple proposal abstracts for this grant


B ) Submission to NUHS Research Office – Deadline: 27 January 2012 - Friday, 5pm Pacific Time


·         One duly-signed hardcopy of NUS Grant Endorsement Form (new version)

·         1  softcopy of Proposal in Word Format

·         Forward the softcopy of the above to Grant_RO@nuhs.edu.sg  


For more information on the Program Guidelines, please click here.


Contact Us 


Ms Clarin Ng

Tel : 6772 3723

Email : mednsy@nus.edu.sg