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AXA Research Fund


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The AXA Research Fund was created to encourage scientific research that would contribute to understanding and preventing environmental, life, and socio-economic risks. The fund supports world-class research in these areas by providing institutions with the means of attracting and retaining the leading scientists of today and of the next generation.


The fund seeks to support innovative and cutting-edge transdisciplinary projects, particularly as such projects may encounter difficulties in gaining support elsewhere.


Projects eligible for ARF funding must fall within one of the themes listed below:


a.       Environmental risks

·         Climate change

·         Natural hazards

·         Human driven environmental changes


b.       Life risks

·         Aging and long term care

·         Biomedical risks

·         Addictions and risky behaviours


c.       Socio-economic risks

·         Geopolitical risks

·         Macro-economic and financial systemic risks

·         Behaviours towards risks

·         Large corporate risks


Please refer to the AXA website for more details.




Funding Information


Capped Amount Maximum Duration
€100,000 pear year 5 years


Application Criteria


There is a restriction of one application per institution per year.



The Principal Investigator of the project must meet the following criteria:


1.    Be already established in the institution as Head of department/laboratory

2.    Be of the highest caliber (publications in first-rate journals, international stature and network)

3.    Have demonstrated sound capacity to lead large-scale projects

4.    PIs should prepare a short proposal (2-4 pages) touching on the areas below:

·         Title of project

·         Team members

·         General background information on current and past research work

·         Positioning of this project vs other national/international research programs in the same research field (please provide a comparative overview) and existing collaborative work

·         Scientific objective of the project: explain how the project will contribute to creating new knowledge compared with current state of the art research work

·         Consistency of the project with the long-term strategy of the institution

·         Approach of the projects and methods that will be used

·         Presentation of the planned research dissemination of the project

·         Indication on how the Principal Investigator plans to promote interactions between AXA and academics

·         Project implementation plan

·         Research design and methods (The content expected are conceptual procedures, analysis that will be used to fulfill the specific aims of the project).

·         A detailed CV of PI including publications (regarding publications please provide the list of the 10 with the most impact and the 10 most recent ones). Not counted in the 4 pages limit.

·         Detailed CVs for each team member including publications (regarding publications please provide the list of the 10 with the most impact and the 10 most recent ones). Not counted in the 4 pages limit.


Application Procedures 


Please submit the following to NUHS Research Office by: Wednesday, 28 Mar 2012 (noon) for NUS internal shortlisting.





Contact Us


Ms Clarin Ng Tel: 6772 3723 Email: clarin@nus.edu.sg