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Singapore BioImaging Consortium Grant Call for Research Proposals

The Singapore BioImaging Consortium (SBIC) is a member of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).  The Consortium aims to harness existing imaging expertise and capabilities in Singapore and develop them into a focused national platform to support the growth of multi-disciplinary research activities and speed the development of biomedical research discoveries.  SBIC hopes to create an integrated platform for multidisciplinary research involving biologists, chemists, physicists, electrical engineers, computer scientists and clinician scientists to work together in a coordinated manner. SBIC will also provide a focal point of interaction with pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to explore joint research collaborations or business ventures. 

The SBIC has recently announced its Grant Call for 2009 with the theme "Start-up Bioimaging Research Grants for Young Investigators". This call aims to make available seed funding for young investigators to support their research in bioimaging. All proposals must contain an imaging research component.


This grant is opened to "young investigators" as defined below:

  • Researchers who have not been awarded a major research grant as PI before; OR
  • Investigators in the early stage of their research career moving towards an independent bioimaging research programme; AND 
  • Researchers who are developing new areas of bioimaging and wish to enter the bioimaging field. 
  • Researchers who entered research at a later age or had delays (e.g. Maternity leave) in their research career are also eligible to apply.

Terms and Conditions

Please click here for more details.


Date of Next Call


To be confirmed.

Application Procedure

The following should be submitted for onward submission to SBIC :

Contact Person(s) for More Information

Ms Masrinie

Tel : 6516 5292

Email : medmmr@nus.edu.sg

Ms Clarin Ng

Tel : 6516 4090

Email : mednsy@nus.edu.sg

Ms Lay Hoon

Tel : 6516 8423

Email : lay_hoon_tan@nuhs.edu.sg