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DSTA - Defence Innovation Research Programme (DIRP)

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The Defence Innovative Research Programme (DIRP) seeks and funds innovative research with the potential to create significant value to the defence and security of Singapore.  Hence, the grant proposal's research areas should cover science and technology of relevance to defence and security.


Please visit the website for more details.


Funding Information

The maximum funding quantum for each project:

Capped Amount

Maximum Duration

No Restriction

4 years


Schedule of Annual Call

There is 1 call per year, usually in May.



Application Criteria

1.    Open to NUS, NTU, SUTD and any local research institutes or commercial company operating from Singapore.

2.    Researchers of DSO National Laboratories, Temasek Labs at NUS & NTU and ST Engineering are not eligible to apply. Research work under the project shall be carried out in Singapore.

3.    Award is based on the innovative merits of the Applicant's research and its potential impact on the defence and security of Singapore



Application Procedure

1.    Idea Discussion.

Prior to any proposal submission, applicants are advised to approach the relevant Technical DRTech Point of Contact (POC) to affirm the POC's interest in the ideas and discuss the proposals with the POC. The list of DRTech POC and their technology research areas of interest are available here.


2.    Preliminary Proposal Submission.

Please submit the following documents to NUHS Research Office by 17 June 2013 - Monday:





 *All applicants are required to complete and submit the DIRP preliminary proposal to the relevant University office contacts. MINDEF will not accept direct submission from NUS/NTU/SUTD applicants except those from local companies/other RICs. In turn, the relevant University office contacts will collate and submit all the preliminary proposals to DRTech MINDEF for evaluation.


Please do not use previous years’ proposal templates.




Contact Us

Please contact the following staff if you have any enquiries:


Ms Clarin Ng

Tel : 6772 3723

Email : medv1085@nus.edu.sg