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SERC Energy Technology R&D Programme

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The Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) have announced a call for research proposals for Intelligent Smart Energy Distribution Systems under the SERC Energy Technology R&D Programme.

In this program, SERC will selectively fund projects that address critical technologies in the following 4 priority research thrust:

  1. Low cost sensing and communication technologies
  2. Power conversion, control, storage, distribution devices and components
  3. Advanced software for optimal energy management and distribution
  4. Integration of various energy technologies

Proposals that address challenges and synergize research efforts across the above four priority thrusts are also encouraged.



This grant call is open to all to researchers in all local public sector research organizations, universities, polytechnics and SERC-funded RICs.

Terms and Conditions

Please click here for more details

Schedule of Annual Call and Activities

There is an ad hoc grant call

Application Procedure

A) Online submission

Please note that final proposals should be submitted online via the SERC PAMS website http://pams.a-star.edu.sg

Researchers should use the provided proposal and budget templates for submission

B) Hardcopy submission

Signed hardcopy and softcopy of the completed form should be submitted through the Department and Faculty (or Director, University-level RI/RCs) and reach NUHS Research Office. 

Please ensure that the completed SERC Proposal Checklist is also attached. 

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Tel : 6772 3724

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