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A*STAR-UK Medical Research Council Joint Grant Call

The Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Medical Research Council UK (MRC) jointly announce the call for proposals under the A*STAR - MRC Memorandum of Understanding.

The goal of the call for proposals is to promote R&D collaboration in Infectious Diseases between (i) UK-based public institutes, and (ii) Singapore public sector research organisations including restructured hospitals, national disease centres, research institutes, local universities and A*STAR Research Institutes, through joint scientific projects.

For 2009, joint proposals in the area of Infectious Diseases are invited to be submitted.


Each research team must comprise at least one Singapore-based researcher and one UK-based researcher. The research project, which can last up to 3 years, must be conducted in Singapore and in UK.  A*STAR will fund research costs of the Singapore-based researcher, while MRC funds the research costs of the UK-based researcher.  Both co-PIs must jointly submit their proposal in one application. For administrative purposes, the UK-based PI will be the Lead Applicant and the Singapore-based PI will be the "Co-Investigator or Co-Applicant".

Terms and Conditions

Please click here for more details.

Schedule of Annual Call and Activities

The first call was issued in April 2009.  More details will be updated in due course.

Date of Current Call

To be confirmed.

Application Procedure

Applications must be submitted using MRC's Electronic Application and Assessment (EAA) System at https://www.eaa.mrc.ac.uk/eaa/default.asp. In addition, the Singapore-based PI are required to submit the necessary information in the following annexes and upload onto the MRC's EAA website under the "case for support" section.

Singapore PIs are required to upload a scanned copy of the scanned Annex D to the EAA system, with the following documents to be submitted to NUHS Research Office.

  • EAA grant application form (both hard and softcopy)
  • Annexes A to D (both hard and softcopy)
  • NUS Grant Endorsement Form (for NUS PIs only) (hardcopy only) 

Contact Person(s) for More Information

Ms Clarin Ng

Tel : 6772 3723

Email : mednsy@nus.edu.sg