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NUS Integrative Research Cluster - Call for Proposals in Active Ageing Research


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The aim of this programme is to support research that underpins and informs the search for effective solutions for active ageing in Singapore. Investigator-initiated research within and (preferably) across a variety of relevant disciplines including sociology, psychology, law, policy studies, non-clinical life sciences (e.g. human nutrition), economics and finance is favoured.  

The proposals should be for multi-disciplinary research programmes that will contribute to achieving any of the following:

  1. Enhancing the physical and mental health of those nearing 60 years of age so that they can continue to be economically and socially active;
  2. Maintaining the employability of the elderly through a combination of technology, policy and environmental solutions;
  3. Establishing novel social support networks for the elderly, especially those without spouses or children;
  4. Developing customised technologies for the well-educated, IT-savvy elderly consumer of tomorrow.

Funding Information


Grant Amount Duration
$100,000 1 year



Application Criteria


  • PI should be full time faculty on tenure or research track from all NUS Schools, Faculties, Research Institutes and Centres
  • Each proposal should include the names of all investigators involved and a 2 to 3 page description of the proposed research programme. 



Selection Process


Shortlisted PIs may also be asked to give a 10 to 15 minute presentation on their proposal to an evaluation panel. All proposals will be evaluated on the basis of:

  1. Originality of ideas/approach
  2. Effective use/involvement of different disciplines
  3. Potential impact and applicability to society, government and/or industry.


Up to five proposals that are considered the most promising will each be given grants of up to $100,000 to develop their ideas further. The grant can be used to carry out pilot studies, develop prototypes and/or gather additional evidence to support the proposed programme.


At the end of one year, the five proposals will be reviewed again, based on a report of how they have made use of their grants and the results they have achieved. The proposal that appears most promising may be awarded a grant of up to $1million to carry out the research programme.


Application Procedure


Please submit the following documents to NUHS Research office by Thursday, 24 Sept 2012 at 12 noon.


  • 1 hardcopy of duly-signed NUS Grant Endorsement Form
  • 1 hardcopy of the proposal
    • 2-3 page description of the proposed research programme covering the evaluation criteria, with names of all investigators involved
  • 1 softcopy of proposal & NUS Grant Endorsement Form (in word format)

All softcopies to be submitted to Grant_ro@nuhs.edu.sg (Attention: Serene Lim)


More information of the programme can be downloaded at the following link.


Kindly Note:
If the proposed study would require biospecimen or tissue banking, please contact Dr Eng Chon Boon (chon_boon_eng@nuhs.edu.sg ) from the NUHS Tissue Repository. The tissue repository will assist in biobanking budgetary. Kindly visit http://medicine.nus.edu.sg/tissue/Cost%20Recovery%20Schedule.pdf


Contact Us


Ms Serene Lim Tel: 6772 3718 Email: medv951@nus.edu.sg