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SMF–NUS Research Horizons Awards


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The Singapore Millennium Foundation and the National University of Singapore have come together to spark off the SMF-NUS Research Horizons Award. This is a programme which fosters innovation in research and expands the pipeline of ideas that merit further exploration. Co-funded by SMF and NUS, it looks for ideas which are substantially or totally novel, preferably cross-disciplinary, and (if fulfilled) would change current views substantially.


The initiative uses an accelerated review process where no preliminary data are required. The review panel will consist of leading scientists and established entrepreneurs who have a track record of "thinking out of the box".



Funding Information


Stages Capped Amount Maximum Duration
Phase I $100k 1 year
Phase II $1mil 2 years


The Award will provide funding in two stages. The initial support of up to S$100,000 for one year (Phase I) aims to provide a researcher with seed funding to kick-start his/her novel research. Projects that complete Phase I and establish proof-of-concept may be awarded continual funding (Phase II) of up to S$1 million to develop their ideas further. The award can be used for any research-related expenses (EOM, equipment, consumables and conference expenses) subject to current NUS policies and guidelines.




  • The Principal Investigator must have a full-time academic appointment in NUS


  • Project must be supported by the respective Heads of Departments (or nominee) and Deans (or nominee) of each Faculty/School


Schedule of Annual Call

There is usually one call a year in October.


Application Procedure

This award uses an accelerated review process where no preliminary data is required. Please refer to the SMF-NUS Research Horizons Award Application Guidelines for more information on the specifications of the proposal.


Items to be submitted by 19 Oct'10 - Tuesday by applicants, a hardcopy and a softcopy of their complete application package:


Contact Us


Ms Clarin Ng

Tel : 6772 3723

Email : mednsy@nus.edu.sg