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NUHS Cross Department Collaborative Grant


After the success of the inaugural NUHS Cross Department Collaborative grant, we were heartened by the overwhelming response for the 2nd NUHS Cross Department Collaborative Grant Call.


The principles for the funding award as well the criteria are as follows:


The general principles for this research funding are:


  • the strengths of the PIs and whether the group is a multidisciplinary one with clear translational focus;
  • the track record of the group in winning peer reviewed competitive grant funds;
  • the benefits to the campus and to Singapore;
  • a track record of strong graduate education; and
  • the agreement to be reviewed


The specific principles for this grant call are: 


  • Funding can be used for the support of consumables or manpower. Equipment below $10,000 will be considered
  • Funding will be capped at $40,000 per year.
  • Priority will be given to a joint proposal between a clinical science and a basic science NUHS department, followed by joint proposals from two clinical departments or two basic science departments (by full time research active applicants)
  • Priority will be given to those areas of research currently not supported by substantial mainstream funding.
  • It is expected that the results generated by the research supported here will allow the PIs to apply for more substantial research grant funding at a National level. There is a possibility for a 1-year extension, if this requirement is met.




  1. Completion of the application form.
  2. 1-2 page description of the collaborative research
  3. 1-page CV of the applicants


Date of Next Call:


April 2010



Contact Person(s) for More Information


Ms Masrinie

Tel : 6516 5292

Email : medmmr@nus.edu.sg

Ms Clarin Ng

Tel : 6516 4090

Email : mednsy@nus.edu.sg

Ms Lay Hoon

Tel : 6516 8423

Email : lay_hoon_tan@nuhs.edu.sg