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NMRC Exploratory Development Grant


This grant scheme is intended to encourage exploratory and developmental research project by providing support for the early and conceptual stage research leading up to an Individual Research Grant (IRG) application. Exploratory research is characterized as preliminary work on untested and novel ideas; ventures into emerging research ideas; the application of new expertise or new approaches to "established" research topics. The outcomes of such research projects will hopefully be developed into larger research grant proposals like the IRG.


Funding Information


Capped Amount Maximum Duration
$200k 2 years extendable up to 3 years

Terms and Conditions

Please refer here for more information.



Applicants (as Principal Investigators (PI)) for EDG/NIG should possess a minimum academic qualification of PhD or MBBS/BDS/PharmD/MD. Postdoctoral fellows who are salaried by the institution may apply but postdoctoral fellows who are not institutionally salaried are not eligible.


Additional criteria include:

  • PI should have at least 1 publication; and
  • hold at least an adjunct appointment in a local institution and salaried by institution; and
  • have access to a laboratory in Singapore; and
  • reside in Singapore; and
  • For non-clinicians, applicant should have at least 2 years postdoc research experience; or
  • For clinicians, applicant should be at least a Registrar or Associate Consultant (or equivalent).
  • No outstanding reports from previous NMRC grants


Schedule of Annual Call

There are 2 calls a year-May and November


Date of Next Call

Estimated in Nov 2011.

Please look out for our circulars for a more accurate submission.


Application Procedure





a. Submission through nGager. Please refer here for guide to EDG.

b. Forward the zipped folder generated by nGager. Please refer here for details.


Things to Note

Application Form:

  • Note that Co-Investigators need to hold at least an adjunct position in a local public institution.
  • Ensure all budget tallies and non-fundable items are not included.
  • Research proposal no more than 5 pages excluding references

 i. Answer ALL points accordingly. Any missing points will render the proposal incomplete

ii. Please specify and describe clearly the roles of ALL Co-Investigators and Collaborators in the relevant section.

  • Resubmission documents are to be attached together in the research proposal tab.
  • Provide your CVs (PI/Co-Inv/Collab) according to NMRC's format. Any missing points will render the proposal incomplete.
  • Please attach the scientific abstracts of each grant listed under support details accordingly. Missing abstracts / KPIs / attachments will render this application incomplete.
  • Download the collaboration agreement and obtain necessary signatures (Co-Invs/Collabs)


Additional document required for Re-submission Applications

  • Resubmission refers to proposals resubmitted based on LRP/ External Reviewers' comments. It is not a re-written proposal from a new perspective. If more than 50% of the proposal is to be revised, it should be submitted as a new application.
  • A proposal can only be submitted two times. Proposal which has been resubmitted for more than two times will be rejected.
  • Append the following documents to the end of the application as Annexes:

i.  A document itemizing how the revised proposal (i.e. re-submission application has addressed past reviewers'/panel's comments and highlight new features or merits of the revised proposal (Annex B)

ii. Reviewers' report of previous unsuccessful application; Rebuttal to the external reviewers; Panel's comments (where applicable); and Response to the panel where applicable) (in the above order as Annex C)



Additional documents required for Renewal Applications (follow up study from NMRC projects)

  • Submit a progress/final report of the existing project to indicate the progress and outputs of the projects to indicate the progress and outputs of the projects in the prescribed NMRC reporting format (i.e. progress/final report) as Annex D.


  • As this section may be submitted to both overseas and local reviewers, PI is to ensure that all sensitive information on IP issues and such are cleared from the Host Institution before submitting to NMRC.


Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquires on the budget and completion of the application:


Ms Masrinie

Tel : 6772 3721

Email : medmmr@nus.edu.sg

Ms Clarin Ng

Tel : 6772 3723

Email : mednsy@nus.edu.sg

Ms Lay Hoon Tel:  6772 3724 Email:  Lay_Hoon_tan@nuhs.edu.sg