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Academic Research Fund – Tier 1 (University Research Committee)


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The MOE Academic Research Fund (AcRF) is a new framework introduced by MOE, and evolves from and replaces the previous Academic Research Fund (ARF). The AcRF supports research in NUS that has academic significance and a good potential for creating new knowledge that will benefit the larger academic community. The research outcomes should also drive future research, potentially leading to innovations and discoveries. Research funded under AcRF Tier 1 has to be conducted in Singapore. 

Grants will normally be awarded for a funding period of 3 years, contingent upon satisfactory progress as assessed during annual reviews.


With the new framework, the research proposals submitted to the respective funding levels are now categorized and reviewed by 4 Expert Panels, namely:

  1. Accountancy, Business, Humanities & Social Sciences (ABHSS)
  2. Biomedical Engineering & Life Sciences
  3. Engineering, Physical & Chemical Sciences
  4. Informatics & Mathematics


AcRF Tier 1 funds research projects on a competitive basis across Faculties/Schools in NUS and comprises 2 levels of funding:



Requested Total Project Value Range

Applicable Discipline Clusters

Approving Authority/Secretariat


Total Project Value < $180,000

For Sciences and Engineering Clusters

 Approving Authority:

Faculty Research Committee - FRC Chairman - Faculty Dean


Vice-Dean (Research) Office (VDR), Dean's Office

Total Project Value < $150,000

For Humanities Clusters


$180,000 ≤ Total Project Value <$500,000

For Sciences and Engineering Clusters

Approving Authority:

University Research Committee - URC Chairman - Deputy President  (Research & Technology)


Division of Research Administration, ODPRT

$180,000 ≤ Total Project Value <$250,000

Only for Pure Mathematics & Statistics





PIs and Co-PIs must be full-time academic staff (faculty members on tenure/ tenure-track) of NUS. Collaborators* (from NUS or external local organizations) should be fully based in Singapore.


NUS RICs applicants must hold joint appointment with a Faculty/School, and may apply through their host Department/Faculty. RIC applicants must forward a copy of the proposal application to the Director/RIC for information and records.


*Overseas collaborator's (if any) contributions may be detailed in the proposal details section. PI should also provide document of his/her commitment to the project in writing (email will suffice).


Terms and Conditions


Please click here for more details.



Schedule of Annual Calls


To be advised.



Application Procedure

ODPRT has no plans to launch this grant call until further notice!

Please submit the following documents to NUHS Research Office, and email a softcopy to Grant_RO@nuhs.edu.sg.  


i) Duly signed NUS Grant Endorsement Form
  • Hardcopy (1 original)
ii) Research grant AcRF Tier 1 application form (Form RGF - Tier 1)  
  • Hardcopy (1 original)
  • Softcopy (PDF format)
iii) Quotations and Supporting documents 
  • Hardcopy (1 original+1 duplicate)
  • Softcopy (MSWord, PDF and/or email)


To facilitate in the preparation of the grant proposal, applicants and Faculties/RICs may refer to the following:





Other Information


  1. For Post-Award Project Management (such as project grant variation, project extension requests), please click here for the available forms and procedures.
  2. PIs are required to report on the progress of the project (annually or at the end of the project completion date) by submitting the following relevant forms:



Contact Us


Mr Chia De Qing Tel:  6772 3708 Email:  medcdq@nus.edu.sg