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Lee Kuan Yew Postdoctoral Fellowship

The prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Postdoctoral Fellowship (LKY PDF) was established in 1991 under the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Endowment Fund.  It aims to promote the development of young and outstanding academics in science, medicine and engineering through their appointment as research staff members in NUS and NTU.  Only candidates with excellent academic records and research potential will be considered for the Fellowship.  The scheme is open to nationals of all countries.



Please note that effective 2012 the total EOM cost (Salary, Employer CPF/ Special Payment to Foreign Staff, Skill Development Fun, Bonus and Remuneration benefits) will be shared equally between the Host Department and ODPRT.


Fyi, the appointment is pegged to Asst Prof terms and gross salary ranges from S$72,000 – S$144,000 per year (figure is inclusive of a $28,800/annum stipend funded from the LKY Endowment Fund).




Deadline: Mon, 6 Feb 2012

We are pleased to invite you to nominate all outstanding applicants whom you feel can benefit from a period of intensive research prior to embarking on a normal academic position. For all nominated applicants, Departments and Faculty/School should have the intention of recruiting them as Faculty staff after the LKY Fellowship ends.  



A)        Important Dates

Deadline for submission: Applicant to Dept        - Dept to determine

Deadline for submission: Dept to YLLSoM         - 6 Feb 2012

            Deadline for submission: Fac/Sch to ODPRT     - 23 Feb 2012

Internal Evaluation                                             - Apr 2012

Joint NUS-NTU Final Selection Meeting              - May 2012

Announcement of results                                   - May/June 2012



B)        Submission of Shortlisted Candidate to YLLSoM

Please include the following in your submission package:


1)     Dept Report (to include)

a.            Information on the total number of applications received by your Dept

b.            Dept endorsement of shortlisted candidate and written confirmation from HOD that Dept will consider candidates for faculty positions after their term as LKY PDF.

c.            Summary of endorsed candidate ( template - summary_candidates (2012).doc )


2)     For the recommended applicant, please submit hardcopies and softcopies of the following documents:

d.    Dept’s 1-page recommendation on the candidate

e.    Dept’s Interview Report (the report should include an assessment of the candidate’s communication skills and scientific merits of proposed research)

f.     Completed NUS Personal Particulars Form  NUS particulars form (lastest as at 9 Dec 08).doc 

g.    Candidate’s detailed CV and educational certificates

h.   Please provide the detailed list of publications in a separate Annex. The list should include (if any):

1.     Impact Factor of the journals

2.     Highlight the papers in which applicant was the leading author

3.     Candidate’s H-index (if available)

i.      3 International/External Referee Reports

§  Referee reports should include comments on scientific merit of candidate’s research, suitability and potential for the Fellowship

§  Referee’s contact details should be included

§  2-page CV of each Referee should also be included

j.      Candidate’s research proposal as LKY PDF (no word limit, but proposals should be succinct)



For each application, please send a softcopy and 2 hardcopies to:

YLLSoM, Dean’s Office, Research Division

NUHS Tower Block

Level 11

Attention: Sherline Tay / Geetha Baskaran

Email:   medtgss@nus.edu.sg / medgb@nus.edu.sg


by 6 Feb 2012.