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Biomedical Engineering Programme (BEP)


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The Biomedical Engineering Programme (BEP), under the Science and Engineering Institutes (SCEI) of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR),  aims to foster Clinician-Engineer collaborations to develop medical devices and solutions to improve patient care and cost-efficiency of the healthcare system. The BEP supports collaborative research projects with emphasis on devices, procedures, diagnosis, and clinical systems. Projects will have to be driven by needs identified by Clinicians that are matched to a potential technological solution from the SERC Research institutes (RIs).




To be considered for the BEP Project Grants, the proposal must be driven by needs identified by Clinicians that are matched to a potential technological solution, preferably from (but not restricted to) one of the SERC Research institutes (RIs). All funded projects must demonstrate high potential for commercial outcome and show a high likelihood of rapid impact on patient care. Applications for the BEP2012 Grant are not restricted to a particular clinical area, but priority will be given to proposals in Cardiology, Neurology and Ophthalmology





Funding Information


Applicants may apply for one of the two categories listed in the table below:



Grant Type


Project Duration

Max. Quantum Per Proposal

Proof-of-Concept (POC)


A POC application is for ideas that do not have an existing prototype or device for a particular clinical need.


The potential technology has only been identified as a possible solution to the clinical need, without prior work being done.


No animal or human trials are needed at the POC phase.


12 to 18 months S$0.25 to S$0.5 Million
Proof-of-Value (POV)


The POV application is for projects that have an existing prototype or device that has been previously developed from funding from other grants for a particular clinical need.



The prototype will have bench data, possibly some patents filed and papers published as prior work has been done.
18 to 24 months S$1 to S$1.5 Million





Application Criteria



1) Each proposal must involve collaborations between a Clinical Lead Principal Investigator (PI) and a Technical Lead Principal Investigator. The Clinical Lead PI must be primarily employed by a publicly-funded restructured hospital, national specialty centre or medical school and the Technical Lead PI must be employed by a local publicly-funded institution.



2) The two Lead PIs must fulfill the following conditions:


a. The Clinical Lead PI should:

i. Be a registered medical practitioner or a registered nurse in Singapore and have access to patients or an Allied Health staff;

ii. Be primarily employed by a local publicly funded restructured hospital, national specialty centre or medical school;

iii. Reside in Singapore for at least 9 months in a year;

iv. Part of the Clinical Lead PI's personal manpower cost can be funded up to a certain cap, subject to the amount given under the POC and POV grants.


b. The Technical Lead PI should:

i. Possess a minimum academic qualification of a Masters Degree;

ii. Must be an investigator from a A*STAR SERC RI OR Non-A*STAR Publicly-funded Institutes (Universities, Polytechnics and Publicly-funded Institutes);

iii. Reside in Singapore for at least 9 months in a year

iv. If Technical Lead PI is not affiliated to a SERC RI, he/she has to ensurethe inclusion of a SERC Co-Investigator on the team. The BEP office can provide the connections to the relevant SERC researchers. If the Technical Lead PI/Co-Investigator is from the universities, polytechnics or other public-funded institutes but holds an adjunct position at any of the A*STAR SERC RIs, he/she may be considered as a SERC team member. The adjunct appointment holders will need to obtain approval from their SERC RI ED to participate in the grant.



3) All other researchers from A*STAR (SERC and BMRC), publicly-funded hospitals and academic institutions can participate as Co-Investigators and can receive funding for manpower, equipment and other operating expenses as agreed by all parties in the grant.



4) Collaborators from Private Companies (Local/Overseas) and Overseas Institutes can participate in the grant by providing background technology or in-kind contributions in terms of manpower or time, and share in the proceeds if project is successful. However, collaborators will not receive any funding. Other Local Publicly Funded institutions can also be collaborators.



Schedule of Annual Call

There are 2 calls a year, usually in May and October.



Application Procedure

Please submit the following documents to NUHS Research Office, NUHS Tower Block, Level 6 by 10 Jan 2013 (Thursday), 5 pm.








** Please do not staple the hardcopy forms. Kindly use paperclips/ binder clips to bind them together instead.



More Information:

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3. A*STAR website


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