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NUS Young Investigator Award

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The NUS Young Investigator Award is an initiative to offer research-funding to highly-promising young faculty members. The award recognises the need to support the early career development activities of young faculty members who are likely to make significant contributions to the development of research at NUS. A very high standard will therefore be set when selecting and awarding successful applicants. Projects that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries or break new ground are especially encouraged.

All applications will be subjected to a thorough peer review process, as follows:

1. Initial assessment by Deans and Heads
2. Final decision by an independent expert panel. Selected applicants will be required to attend an interview and make a presentation.



Funding Information


Capped Amount Maximum Duration


(i.e. up to $300,000 for the first year, and $100,000 for subsequent years subject to excellent performance)

3 years


-The award can be used for any research-related expenses (manpower, equipment, consumables and conference expenses) subject to current NUS policies and guidelines.

-A maximum of $12,000 per year can be spent on travel unless more is essential for the achievement of the project, and this needs to be specified and justified in the application.



Schedule of Annual Call


The call is usually in April of each year. The outcome would be made known in September.


Application Criteria

Applicants for the NUS Young Investigator Award must meet all of the following requirements:

  • The Principal Investigator(PI) must have a full-time academic appointment at an NUS Faculty/School (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor) and have joined NUS within the past 3 years, as of the deadline for submissions as indicated below.


  • The Principal Investigator must be less than 40 years old as of the submission deadline below.


  • Project must be supported by the respective Heads of Departments (or nominee) and Deans (or nominee) of each Faculty/School who should also indicate what start-up resources, space and other support (e.g. freedom from teaching duties), have been given to the candidate by the Department/Faculty.


  • Previous recipients of the NUS Life Sciences Institute (previously known as Office of Life Sciences) YIA and NUS YIA are not eligible to apply.


Application Procedures


Please submit the following to NUHS Research Office by, Wednesday, 15 May 2013 at 12 noon.



§  1 hardcopy of duly-signed NUS Grant Endorsement Form

§  1 hardcopy of duly-signed NUS YIA Application Form

§  1 hardcopy of duly-signed NUS YIA Budget Request Form


§  1 softcopy of NUS YIA Application Form, NUS Grant Endorsement Form (in word format) and the NUS YIA Budget Request Form(Excel format)


All softcopies to be submitted to Grant_ro@nuhs.edu.sg  (Attention: Serene Lim)

PIs are to refer to Annex A and Annex B for the write-ups on Case for Support - Project Details & Budget Notes and Notes for Budget Preparation respectively.

More information and forms/templates can be downloaded at the staff portal.


Kindly note:

If the proposed study requires biospecimen or tissue banking, please contact Dr Eng Chon Boon (chon_boon_eng@nuhs.edu.sg ) from the NUHS Tissue Repository. The tissue repository will assist with the biobanking budget. Kindly visit  http://medicine.nus.edu.sg/tissue/Cost%20Recovery%20Schedule.pdf



Contact Us


Ms Serene Lim

Tel : 6772 3718

Email : medv951@nus.edu.sg