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BMRC-SERC Joint Call for Proposals in Diagnostics


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BMRC and SERC jointly announce a call for pre-proposals in Diagnostics. The goal of this grant call is to promote R&D collaboration within the research community (restructured hospitals, national disease centres, research institutes, local universities and A*STAR Research Institutes) to address multi-disciplinary challenges in Diagnostics research through joint scientific projects.

This grant call aims to foster greater convergence of research in the field of Diagnostics for developing innovative diagnostics to improve quality and speed of diagnosis that can tackle rising healthcare costs and prominence of ageing population.

Please visit the website or guidelines for more information.


Funding Information

Capped Amount Maximum Duration
$2M 3 years

Scope & Project Assessment

Projects will be assessed based on:

· Project feasibility
· Relevance to food and nutrition industry
· Potential benefit to the food and nutrition industry

The projects should lead to the development of novel biomarkers, medical devices, therapeutics, new product candidates, technologies or techniques that can improve healthcare outcomes. Priority for funding will be given to applications that have the greatest potential for a commercial endpoint and impact on healthcare.

Applicants will need to show their understanding of evidence required to bring a novel idea to clinical use and define these clearly as milestones, outcomes and future value.


This grant will not support stand-alone pre-clinical studies, studies in model systems and approaches such as genetic association studies that do not link to direct commercial outcomes.




Each proposal must involve a demonstrable collaboration between at least 2 Co-Principal Investigators. There should be at least One Lead Clinical Co-PI and One Lead Technical Co-PI.

The Principal Investigator (PI) for the proposal must be primarily employed in the public sector and must fulfill the following conditions:

· Possess a minimum academic qualification of a Bachelors degree; and
· Reside in Singapore for at least 9 months in a year

Private sector involvement:

  • Applicants from private sector are NOT eligible to receive funding from this grant BUT,


  • May take part as a collaborator of projects, and


  • Co-fund the project either in cash or in-kind contribution; the assignment of commercialisation rights and distribution of any intellectual property (IP) (made according to the contributions by the respective parties) will be established in a Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) prior to the commencement of the project


At least one member of the team needs to be from a research institute in A*STAR. This individual can be the Lead Clinical Co-PI, or Lead Technical Co-PI, or a Co-PI. All must be independent investigators with strong track records of peer reviewed research publications and grant support.


Researchers from overseas institutions and private biotechnology companies can participate as collaborators who are not entitled to receive (directly or indirectly) any portion of the grant. The terms of collaboration with overseas research institutions and private biotechnology companies must conform to both Councils' prevailing IP policies.

Please refer to Co-PI Eligibility Criteria for more details.



Application Procedure


Please submit the following documents to NUHS Research Office by 7 Jun 2011, 2pm.


one NUS Grant Endorsement Form one NUH Grant Endorsement Form
one duly-signed proposal



Contact Us


Ms Clarin Ng DID: 6772 3273 Email: mednsy@nus.edu.sg