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Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Global Research Collaboration (GRC) - White Papers in Compact Modeling

The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Global Research Collaboration (GRC) has called for White Papers in Compact Modeling. The principal goal of this industry-driven research is to generate ideas and solutions in compact modeling of advanced semiconductor devices.


The Research Scopes for this Grant Call are:


  • Digital Devices
  • Analog Devices 
  • Reliability-Related
  • Tools and Methodologies


Kindly refer to http://www.src.org/compete/s201307/ for more information. Please refer to these documents for more information on this grant call:


  1.  compact-modeling.pdf 
  2.  Information on Call for White Papers_Compact Modeling.pdf 


For technical questions, please contact Mr. Kwok Ng (ng@src.org). For other questions please contact Ms. Jacqueline Hall (jacqueline.hall@src.org)



Funding Information


    Capped Amount        Maximum Duration   
$100k per year 3 years


Amount includes the overhead expenses charged by the institution. PIs are reminded to budget the Indirect cost at a minimum rate of 60% of total research project direct cost.





Individual investigators or research teams in Universities worldwide may apply for this grant.



Application Procedure


Below is the timeline for application submission:

Date SoM PIs

Mon 4 March 2013

Submission to NUHS Research Office, NUHS Tower Block, Level 6


1 original hardcopy of the NUS Grant Endorsement Form


1 original hardcopy of the 1-page (including references) White Paper (use at least a 10-point font)


Softcopy of the White Paper (MS Word) to be submitted to Grant_RO@nuhs.edu.sg

Tues 5 March 2013 NUHS Research Office will revert via e-mail once checked

Wed 6 March 2013, 3pm EDT/ 12 pm PDT

(Singapore time: 7 Mar, 4am)

PIs to submit their applications online via the SRC website.


Interested PIs are required to create an account online in order to submit their proposal, if they do not already have an account


Web Link for account creation/ log-in for submission:

Mon 15 April 2013 If shortlisted, PIs will be invited to submit their full proposals.


Endorsement by Host Institution is not required by SRC. However, PIs are to seek the endorsement of their respective HOD using the Grant Endorsement Form prior to applying.



Contact Us


  Sharon Wee     tel: 6772-3709     email: sharon_wee@nuhs.edu.sg