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EWI - Research Programme Call (RPC) in the Development of Technology Roadmaps

The Environment and Water Industry Programme Office (EWI) is soliciting Research Programme Proposals that support the development of innovative water technologies from its infancy to the commercialization stage. Novel, promising technologies will be funded in a coordinated manner so that there is holistic development in both technical and commercialisation aspects of the technology.


The aim for this Research Programme Call (RPC) is to solicit R&D Programmes, each comprising multiple projects under a unifying water-related domain, through a competitive bottom-up approach. Each research programme should have a clear research outcome that justifies the multiple projects proposed.


This RPC allows applicants to surface new research domains in water and used water with the following key drivers:

o Lower chemical usage
o Reduce energy consumption
o Minimize waste generation
o Improve water quality and security


The suggested water-related Domains can include (but are not limited to) the following:

o Biological Processes
o Sensors and Instrumentation
o Watershed Management
o Sludge and Brine Management
o Chemical Redox Processes
o Water Distribution Network Management
o Seawater Desalination


You may also visit NRF's website for more details and application guidelines.


Funding Information


Capped Amount Maximum Duration
$10mil* 5 years


* inclusive of 20% overheads, 5% IP Protection, 5% commercialization cost


Application Criteria


The Research proposals are open to only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Every research proposal must be affiliated with an institution.

1. Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), Research Institutes (RIs) and private sector companies based locally in Singapore.


2. Cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research proposals are encouraged, as are proposals from research consortia involving partners drawn from different organisations, of various disciplines, including international collaborations with renowned experts. However, ALL research activities have to be carried out in Singapore.


3. For IHLs and RIs, it is mandatory to include non-faculty members (with less than 5 years research experience) as co-PIs or collaborators in at least two of the projects in the Research Programme.


4. Each Research Programme proposal by IHLs and RIs is also required to include renowned overseas experts as PIs or co-PIs of at least one of the projects in the Research Programme.


Application Procedures


A. RITA Online Submission (Deadline: 04 Jan 2012, 12 noon, Singapore Time)

Proposals must be submitted using the RITA online application form at https://rita.nrf.gov.sg/ewi/RFP1102/default.aspx  


Note: The Lead PI and all PIs of the individual proposed projects must each have a RITA User ID.

B. Please submit the following to NUHS Research Office by Monday, 2 Jan 2012.





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