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A*STAR - Tekes Joint Call

 A*STAR and Tekes, a Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, are conducting a joint grant call under the A*STAR-Tekes Memorandum of Understanding that was renewed in December 2009.


The Joint call for Proposals (JCP) aims to stimulate scientific exchange leading to cooperative research to advance science and technology in both countries. The JCP invites (i) Finnish-based public research institutes and (ii) Singapore public sector research organisations including A*STAR RIs, to submit joint scientific projects in the following areas:


1. Sustainable development; and

2. Healthcare, wellness and aging


Joint proposals in other areas may also be considered.


Projects should leverage on one or more of the following:

  1. Provide access to unique/specialized characteristics of overseas partner country, e.g., specific scientific knowledge or technique, availability of key manpower, common interest in seeking a breakthrough in science, training in research manpower, research capability in a specific field, etc;
  2. Tap on specialized capabilities of overseas partner agencies, and through this, create strategic linkages to tap on specialized capabilities in the future; and
  3. Provide opportunities to learn/share/benchmark research with your international collaborator.


A panel of experts will review and identify proposals that are innovative, demonstrate a high level of scientific pursuit, challenging paradigms and set international benchmark for funding consideration.


Singapore researchers can access further details of the Joint Call for Proposal at the website.



Funding Information

Capped Amount Maximum Duration

$300,000 for the Singapore Component*

3 years


 * The total value of a combined grant award will typically be in the range of S$400,000 to S$1,000,000 (approximately €200,000 to €500,000).


Application Criteria


1. The Call for Joint Proposals is open to Singapore researchers in public sector research organizations, including A*STAR-research institutes.


2. Each research team must comprise of one Singapore-based researcher and one Finnish-based researcher, who must concurently submit the joint proposal to Tekes.


3. A*STAR and Tekes will provide funding for their respective sides through their respective budgets. This means that A*STAR will fund the Singapore component while Tekes will fund the Finnish component.


Schedule of Annual Call 

There is one call a year.



Date of Next Call


To be confirmed.



Application Procedure

The following is to be submitted to NUHS Research Office, NUHS Tower Block, Level 11 by Monday, 22  Feb 2010.


    SoM PIs NUH PIs
    • 2 hardcopies of duly signed proposal (1 original and 1 duplicate), which should consist of:

    ASTAR-Tekes JCP Proposal Details (Jan 10).doc 

    PSF01B - Budget Proposal (Jan 10).xls  

    PSF 16 - Capability Indicators (Jan 10).xls

    • 1 softcopy of the proposal


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