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Lien Centre for Palliative Care Research Grant

The LCPC Research Grant is a new competitive grant funding mechanism established in June 2011. The funds are to support high impact research in palliative care and encourage the production of innovative and top quality internationally refereed publications, which will provide scientific evidence to inform policy and practice of palliative care in Singapore. The grant is overseen by the LCPC's Scientific Advisory Board at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

The grant will provide support in terms of:

• Provision of skilled manpower at Research Assistant/Associate level to support the PI in data collection and analysis

• Provision of funds to buy-out clinician's time for research

• Provision of expert methodological advice on study design and statistical analysis


Please visit Duke NUS's website for more details.


Funding Information

Capped Amount Maximum Duration
$20,000 1 year


Application Criteria

The grant welcomes applications from local clinicians, allied health workers and researchers in palliative care who are interested to embark on research on palliative care.


Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board and the Grant Review Committee, both which are appointed by the Lien Centre for Palliative Care, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.



Review Criteria

Proposals will be scored based on the following criteria:

(i) Scientific Merit - What is the scientific merit and feasibility of the proposed studies? How appropriate is the experimental design for achieving the stated objectives?

(ii) Innovativeness - Does the proposed research move the P.I.'s program in new directions? To what extent does the proposed research foster the application of new technologies and new experimental approaches?

(iii) Investigator - What are the qualifications of the P.I. for carrying out the proposed research? Is this a new direction for the applicant?

(iv) Relevance and Potential Impact - What is the relevance of the proposed research to medical concerns of Singapore and/or Southeast Asia? What is the likelihood that the results obtained will lead to future external funding of a larger project on this topic?


Application Procedure

Please submit the following documents (1 original hardcopy) to NUHS Research Office, and email 1 softcopy to Grant_RO@nuhs.edu.sg by Monday, 12 December 2011






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