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IDA Cloud Computing for R&D Track

Call 6 for Cloud Computing Proposals - R&D Track


As part of its efforts in promoting the adoption of Cloud Computing, IDA is calling for interested parties to submit their proposals for cloud based R&D projects.





The objectives of this call are:

A) To support innovative projects that will help achieve the following outcomes:

    1. Enable infocomm infrastructure development for iN2015 vertical clusters (such as digital media, life sciences, manufacturing, financial services, retail & tourism, & education) as well as specific sectors like transportation and construction.
    2. Support specific lighthouse projects which would illustrate and promote the use of the infrastructure in the iN2015 verticals.
    3. Establish Singapore as a Shared Services Hub.
    4. Support infocomm capability development.

B) To promote adoption and R&D in Cloud Computing in Singapore



Funding Information


No cash grant will be awarded under this call.

Call 6 will provide free cloud computing resources for up to 6 months. However, information submitted in the application form on the longer term plan and impact of the project may be used for consideration on further support beyond the initial 6-month period.





Selected projects will be supported in terms of utilised compute and storage resources based on the approved duration and quantum of cloud services (compute core-hours and storage GB-months). No cash grant will be awarded under this call.


Only one copy of this application (together with any relevant supporting documents) needs to be submitted.



Transportation Focus


As part of Call 6, IDA is working with transport operator SMRT to solicit transportation-focused project proposals on Demand Analysis of Taxi Service, through the processing of SMRT's transportation datasets consisting of past taxi booking records. The key deliverables of projects should include at least the following scope:

  1. Demand analysis over time, day and location
  2. Detail demand-supply analysis


All completed project proposals must be sent through Call 6. Successful project proposals will be able to make use of the datasets for project development purposes via the cloud computing platform to be arranged jointly by IDA and SMRT.


Please submit the following to NUHS Research Office by 12 noon, Tues 8 Jan 2013:






  1. Application Form
  2. Application Guide
  3. FAQ


Please do not staple the hardcopy forms. Kindly use paperclips/ binder clips to bind them together instead.


For further clarification on the above and queries regarding the grant, please feel free to email IDA_Cloud@ida.gov.sg.

Further Grant Call information can be found at:



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