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Communicable Diseases - Public Health Research Grant (CD-PHRG)






 The CD-PHRG, Nov 2012 Grant Call is open for application.




 The Communicable Diseases - Public Health Research Grant (CD-PHRG), awarded by the Ministry of Health (MOH), and is jointly administered by the Communicable Diseases Division (CDD) and the National Medical Research Council (NMRC). CD-PHRG encourages researchers to work on strategic research topics with major public health (PH) impact for Singapore, in the area of communicable diseases (CD) prevention and control. The research should be translational in nature to inform public health risk assessment, interventions and policy formulation for communicable disease control.




 The new grant aims to support evidence-based PH risk assessment, intervention and policy formulation for communicable disease control; build strong national research capabilities across a range of disciplines to support PH preparedness and response to major outbreak or crises.








Investigators are invited to propose projects based on strategic areas of interest specified by MOH. Applications will be reviewed by a peer-review process.


CD-PHRG will be awarded to individual researchers (i.e. Principal Investigators) to enable them to carry out research on specific topics relevant to the main priority themes identified by MOH. Grants are awarded based on relevance, scientific merit, applicability to local context, and national significance.



A local CD-PHRG Stakeholders Committee (CD-PHRG SC) will oversee the CD-PHRG and make the final decision for grant award. The Committee comprises MOH directors in the PH Group, Infectious Diseases clinicians and academics with CD research interests.



Priority would be given to research projects which address the strategic areas of interest specified by MOH (See Priority Themes listed at Annex A). The list will be updated every year. While priority would be given to research projects which address the strategic areas and priority themes, proposals whose topics do not fall within these areas and themes may still be submitted for consideration.




Funding Information





Capped  Amount Maximum Duration



 (inclusive of indirect costs, capped at 20% of eligible funding amount)

3 years





Schedule of Annual Call



CD-PHRG Grant Calls are timed to coincide with Grant Calls by NMRC i.e. in the month of November.  


Review and selection of projects would generally require 3 to 6 months from the Closing Date. The earliest anticipated start date for awarded projects would generally be 2 months after notification of award.





Application Criteria




 Project Teams applying for the CD-PHRG should meet the following criteria: 




  • Only ONE Principal Investigator (PI) is allowed per application. The PI shall be the point of contact for MOH, with the stated Department and Institution as the Host Institution (for administrative and finance matters). Applicants with multiple appointments at different institutions are to select only ONE Host Institution for the application.



  •  PI for CD-PHRG should possess a minimum academic qualification of PhD and/or MBBS/BDS/ PharmD/MD and/or other appropriate Postgraduate Qualification. In particular,



(a) PI should have at least one first-author publication, and

(b) For non-clinicians, applicant should have at least 2 years research experience; or

(c) For clinicians, applicant should be at least a Registrar or Associate Consultant (or equivalent);



  •  In addition, PI should fulfill the following requirements:



(a) hold at least an adjunct position in a local public institution and salaried by the institution; and

(b) have access to a laboratory/ research facility to conduct research in Singapore; and

(c) reside in Singapore.



  • Applicant has to provide justifications and allocation of time spent in Singapore if the above are not met. Exceptions will be evaluated by the panel on a case-by-case basis



  • Principal Investigators (PIs) should be from local public healthcare or academic institutions [i.e. Clusters/ Restructured Hospitals (RH) & Institutions, Universities, Health Promotion Board (HPB), or Health Sciences Authority (HSA)].



  • Applications must be endorsed by the institutional authorities (e.g. Department Head, Director of Research or equivalent), to ensure institutional support, ownership, and oversight for the projects.



  •   The PIs, together with their Project Teams, are responsible for the planning, direction, and execution of their proposed projects.



  • Projects which are currently already receiving support from other sources of funding will not be eligible for CD-PHRG funding.




Application Procedure




All hardcopies (signed and endorsed) to be submitted the NUHS Research Office ( Attention :  Ms Dorothy Er ) with an email and/or Cover Letter by 5pm, 21 Nov 2012 (Wednesday).




Please note the following administrative points for CD-PHRG applications:



  • For each project application, please submit one (1) hardcopy and one (1) soft copy of the completed application form.



  •  Kindly indicate NUHS as the Host Institution when submitting the application. As incomplete applications and late submissions will be rejected by NMRC, we strongly encourage applications to be submitted earlier. We recommend that all applications be submitted to the Host Institution by 5pm, 21 Nov 2012 (Wednesday).



  • The PI original signature is required. The Co-Investigators/Collaborators' signatures can be photostated / faxed copies.



  • Application Form : Item 18 Other Support

Please attach the scientific abstract of each grant listed below (a) - (c) for MOH's reference. (Missing abstracts/ KPIs/ attachments will render this application incomplete.



  • Softcopies of application forms must be submitted as 1 file (either in Word DOC or PDF format) and should include all relevant annexes, pictures, tables, charts and attachments. Please do not submit applications in scanned PDF format.



  • One hardcopy submission, with the research team's signatures and Host Institutions' endorsements, is required. As either the hardcopy or softcopy application may be sent for peer review, the PIs are to ensure that both versions are identical.






  • NUH/ NUS Grant Endorsement Form



 Endorsement_Form (NUH).doc   NUS grant-endorsement-form.doc 




Principal investigators whose primary appointment is in NUS should use the NUS Grant Endorsement Form while Principal investigators whose primary appointment is in NUH should use the NUH Grant Endorsement.




Please refer to the following documents for details:




  • Road shows slides held from 3 to 5 October 2012 may be accessed here




Application Form and CD-PHRG contact details can be also be found here.





Kindly Note:


If the proposed study would requires biospecimen or tissue banking, please contact Dr Eng Chon Boon (chon_boon_eng@nuhs.edu.sg ) from the NUHS Tissue Repository. The tissue repository will assist in biobanking budgetary. Kindly visit  http://medicine.nus.edu.sg/tissue/Cost%20Recovery%20Schedule.pdf  





Contact Us


Please contact the following staff if you have any enquiries:


Ms Dorothy Er Tel: 67727576 Email: medeyhd@nus.edu.sg