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Call for Proposals Bio-Asia Regional Programme

The Bio-Asia Regional Programme is a French cooperation initiative targeting Asia in order to promote and strengthen high-level collaboration and networking in the region with respect to research and development in the area of natural substances, from the study of biodiversity to development through sustainable uses of natural substances in health, drugs, nutrition, agronomy, cosmetics and renewable energies, which are key components of life sciences.


The programme is aimed at projects involving France and the ten countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN: Burma, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), the Far East (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan) and South Asia (India, Pakistan).


All topics in the areas of research and innovation related to natural substances are eligible. However, priority will be given in the 2012 call for proposals to the following topics:


  • Biodiversity, ecology and conservation of land and water ecosystems (impact of climate chance and human intervention, invasive species control, role of local communities, marine biodiversity inventory, marine ecology, coastal ecology, taxonomy, payment for ecosystem services (PSE), legal aspects sustainable development in projects).
  • Land and water natural substances (new sources of natural products, micro-organisms associated with marine invertebrates, Asian bank of natural products, biomimicry, natural product analogues).
  • Development in the areas of health, drugs, cosmetics, nutrition, agronomy and renewable energies.


Projects with a social dimension will likewise be encouraged.



Funding Information


Capped Amount Maximum Duration
Range €23,000 to €40,000 for the two years covered by the project 2 years (i.e. €11,500 minimum and €20,000 maximum per project per year)


  • Co-financing of the French project leader partner institution is mandatory (host institution).
  • Contributions from the other partners, whether Asian or French, must be declared in the text describing the proposal; since such contributions (funding, staffing or resources) mark the involvement of the partners they are a decisive criterion for project selection.
  • The consolidated budgets submitted must set out clearly the income that is expected (sources and amounts) and the expenditure budgeted for each year of the project. Funding is granted on an annual basis.
  • French project leaders shall contact the international relations department of their host organisation or the university in which their laboratory is based prior to the submission of the project and the meeting of the selection committee. If your host organisation is informed of the submission of a Bio-Asia project proposal this will allow anticipation of that organisation's possible co-financing of the project at the meeting of the selection committee. Support from the host institution is mandatory for eligibility.
  • A subsidy from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs under the Bio-Asia Regional Programme can relate only to a contribution to payment of the extra project costs arising from its international aspect, i.e. for the mobility of researchers, doctoral or post-doctoral students (travelling and living expenses) or the organisation of international workshops and seminars (mobility and logistics). The estimated average cost of assignment allowances and travelling expenses must be indicated. All other funding necessary to project implementation, notably relating to equipment (except for minor supplies) and long-term study grants, must be funded from the laboratory's own resources or from other sources.
  • 20% Indirect Cost is applicable and should be budgeted for.
  • Kindly note that University Central will not co-finance the scheme and NUS PI should ensure their own sources of co-funding if they indicate so, in the application.



Schedule of Call


Assessment of the projects:  July-August 2012
Selection Committee meeting: Mid-September 2012
Notification of results to project leaders:          First week in October 2012
Signature of financing agreements with AFD**   October-November 2012


 ** The date the agreement is signed by the project leader body and French Development Agency is the date the project begins.



Application Criteria


  • The Bio-Asia Programme targets public and private research units and laboratories that are attached to higher education institutions, research organisations or companies. Private-sector participation is encouraged.
  • Each project must include at least one French team and at least two teams from two different Asian countries, with at least one of them from one of the following countries: Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam.



Terms and Conditions


Please click here for more details.



Application Procedure


A. Direct Submission of Applications by French Principal Investigator (PI)


Applications are to be completed and sent by e-mail attachment to André de Bussy (counsellor for cultural cooperation in Southeast Asia) and Emmanuelle Platzgummer (responsible for scientific exchanges with Asia at the MAEE): andre.de-bussy@diplomatie.gouv.fr ; manuelle.platzgummer@diplomatie.gouv.fr


  • Project leaders are invited to send copies of their applications to the international relations department of their host research organisations.
  • Endorsement by the Director of Research Administration, ODPRT, is not required.
  • Deadline for applications: 25 June 2012.

In order to ensure due receipt of proposals, project leaders are requested to send their applications exclusively as PDF files less than 2Mb.


B. Forward to NUHS Research Office


Please submit the following to NUHS Research Office by 18 June 2012, 5.00 pm, Singapore Time




All softcopies to be submitted to Grant_ro@nuhs.edu.sg (Attention: Delia Tao)




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