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A*STAR- Japan Science and Technology (JST) Strategic International Cooperative Program


The Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) announces the 2nd call for proposals under the Strategic International Cooperative Program (SICP) between the Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), implemented in March 2009.


The Strategic International Cooperative Program aims to strengthen collaboration between Japan and Singapore researchers within the fields encompassed under the area of "Functional Applications in Physical Sciences" to enable them to forge long-term collaborations, leading to world-class scientific results and innovative technologies.


Proposals are invited in the following area: Bioelectronics.


Projects should provide leverage in one or more of the following ways:

(i) Provide access to unique/specialized characteristics of overseas partner country, e.g., specific scientific knowledge or technique, availability of key manpower, common interest in seeking a breakthrough in science, training in research manpower, research capability in a specific field, etc;

(ii) Tap on specialized capabilities of overseas partner agencies, and through this, create strategic linkages to tap on specialized capabilities in the future; and

(iii) Provide opportunities to learn/share/benchmark research with your international collaborator.


Funding Information


The research project provides funding for the Singapore component:


          Capped Amount                     Maximum Duration         
$300,000 3 years


Announcement of in-principle approval of selected project proposals will be by the end of April 2012.



Application Criteria


• Proposals is open to Singapore public sector research organizations, including A*STAR RIs.


• All Singapore-based researchers must have a collaborator in Japan who must concurrently submit the joint proposal to the Japan Science and Technology Agency.


• Researchers from industry are not eligible to receive funding from A*STAR, but may participate in a co-operative research project with successful applicant(s) via a joint collaboration with the successful applicant(s).


• A*STAR of Singapore and their counterpart in Japan will fund the approved project undertaken by the respective sides through their respective budgets. That is, Singapore will fund the Singapore component of the project, while Japan will fund the Japanese component.


Application Procedure


Singapore-based researchers should apply to A*STAR and Japan-based researchers should separately apply to JST.


Singapore applicants are required to apply electronically via the Integrated Grants Management System (https://igrants.a-star.edu.sg/) by 30 December 2011, for us to check the applications and endorse before A*STAR's deadline.


Please submit the following documents to NUHS Research Office, NUHS Tower Block, Level 11 by 30 Dec 2011 (Friday), and forward the softcopy to Grant_RO@nuhs.edu.sg


  • Submit online via iGrant
  • One duly-signed hardcopy of NUS Grant Endorsement Form
  • Submit online via iGrant
  • One duly-signed hardcopy of NUH Endorsement Form


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