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Assessing 21st Century Competencies through IDM Challenge


MOE IDM Programme Office (PO) has launched Assessing 21st Century Competencies through IDM Challenge.


The main objective of the RFP is to design alternative assessments that tap the possibilities offered by IDM (Interactive Digital Media) to support data-driven learning and teaching processes. Researchers are encouraged to submit development-based proposals that include partnerships with industry to tap expertise across disciplines and yet remain strongly grounded in sound pedagogy and research methodology.



Funding Information


     Capped Amount          Maximum Duration    
     Phase 1     $100,000 1 year
     Phase 2     $1M 1 year


IRC (up to 20% of direct cost, less exceptional items) will be budgeted separately and automatically by RITA.





  • Researchers from all Singapore-based universities, polytechnics, schools, other institutions of higher learning (IHLs), research institutes, not-for-profit research labs, and other public sector agencies are eligible to apply for this funding.
  • Priority will be given to PIs who are full-time faculty of Singapore-based IHLs.
  • PIs have to be fully based in Singapore and the funded research has to be conducted in Singapore.



Application Procedure


Stage 1: RITA Online Submission (Deadline: 21 June 2012, Thurs at 12 noon)


Proposals must be submitted using the RITA online application form at this link.  


  • All relevant sections of the RITA application form should be filled out completely.
  • Signed Ethics Declaration Form should be uploaded as separate attachment (Adobe PDF format) in RITA.
  • Please also note that the maximum size allowed for each file attachment is 2MB in the RITA system.


Stage 2: Submission to NUHS Research Office


Please submit the following documents (1 original hardcopy) to NUHS Research Office, and email 1 softcopy to Grant_RO@nuhs.edu.sg by 21 June 2012 (Thurs) at 12 noon.


SoM Applicants



  • RITA application form


  • Research Proposal                                                       



  • Other supporting documents



Note: Hard copies should be bounded together by binder clips or paper clips, and printed double-sided. Please do not staple.


Kindly refer to the following documents for more information.




Please visit the NRF RITA website for more details.



Contact Us


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries.


   Mr Chia De Qing       Tel: 6772-3708       Email: medcdq@nus.edu.sg