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Our Mission


  • Improve the health of Singapore and sharing this with the global community
  • Develop  better drugs, devices, and predictive tests for our patients
  • Develop health services research to answer issues of cost and effectiveness
  • Focus on Asia




NUHS' mission is to improve the health of the community we live in. Our research strategy aims to do this in several ways: 


  1. Generating research models combining multi-disciplinary, theme-based research and the sup port of individual, PI-led research.  By doing so, our institution makes the most of both strategies, i.e. making use of multi-disciplinary research synergies, and supporting the individual research creativity.


  2. Developing peaks of research excellence
    Existing research talents will be capitalized with a focus on research programs that are internationally competitive and world leaders in the field. Collaborations with local and international partners will be fostered and research programmes will be linked to high quality graduate education.


  3. Establish proof-of-concept and efficacy in humans. This is essential in the context of a strategy which primary aim is for novel basic science research to be relevant to patients. 


  4. Understanding the Asian phenotype and accelerating biomarker and drug development. This will allow us to develop personalized medicine and complement similar efforts in the West so as to greatly benefit Asia and maximize the potential of an academic hospital as well as develop synergies with A*STAR, other universities and research institutions in Singapore, and industry.


  5. Developing effective health service research. This will result in better information for policy planners; allow evaluation of new models of disease prevention and patient care; focus on optimizing quality through outcome measurement, increased patient safety and cost effectiveness; and enable discoveries to be implemented into routine patient care.




6 diseases interrogated by 8 platforms in a matrix fashion