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Clinical Research Test



NUHS research is framed around the establishment of internationally competitive, theme-based research that leverages on Singapore’s biomedical sciences initiatives. We are focused on the development of Translational and Clinical Research capabilities through leveraging both basic science and clinical research strengths.

NUHS has a track record for clinical research, hosting more than 100 clinical projects at any given time. NUHS’s key research strengths include Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes & Obesity, Neuroscience and Infectious diseases.

These disease areas were selected based on several factors:


  • Leading cause of mortality and morbidity in Singapore and worldwide
  • Huge public health problem
  • Increase in disease burden & rising trends in Singapore
  • Diseases with unique Asian phenotypes

The specific disease areas have been identified as key areas that will challenge Singapore’s longer term healthcare needs, where a rapidly ageing population is expected to face an increased prevalence of chronic diseases. As a national resource, NUHS has taken on the mission to drive excellence in managing diseases that pose the greatest challenges to Singapore and beyond.

The Investigational Medicine Unit (IMU) remains as our flagship centre within NUHS, established as a key centre to integrate ongoing research programs to promote experimental therapeutics and investigational medicine discoveries into interventions that can advance patient care. Specially configured for the conduct of Good Clinical Practice compliant studies, the IMU concentrates on early research in humans, including Proof of Concept, Phase 1 and Phase 2a trials for novel drugs and diagnostics.

Committed to excellence in Clinical Trials and Clinical Research, NUHS is expanding its infrastructure to support translational and clinical research. A few key developments include the Centre for Translational Medicine, NUH Medical Centre and the remodeling of NUH Main Building.