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Our Partnerships


As a regional health system, we work closely with various NUHS departments and partner organisations to deliver programmes that contribute to a Healthy and Engaged population living in our region.



We work closely with partners across the care continuum such as General Practitioners, Intermediate and Long-Term Care agencies and Voluntary Welfare Organisations to provide care and social support for the population. 



By collaborating with us, our partners become part of a larger multidisciplinary team that works to care for patients holistically. At the same time, our partners have access to our resources and expertise to provide better care for their patients. Finally, such collaborations enable us and our partners to learn from one another.



To date, we have formed partnerships with the following groups, and we are all aligned to the aim of delivering holistic and seamless care to residents in our region:







Chinese New Year Lo Hei Celebration with GP partners from the Primary Care Network @ Bukit Panjang

12 January 2017



Adjunct Associate Professor Joe Sim, Deputy Chief Executive of the National University Health System - NUHS, met with general practitioners from the Primary Care Network at a Chinese New Year Lo Hei celebration over at the Jelapang Residents' Committee.




NUHS RHS Appreciation Day 2016

14 September 2016



The NUHS RHS Appreciation Day 2016 was held to thank and recognise our partners who collaborate in delivering person-centric and integrated care to our community in the western region of Singapore. We specially appreciated 148 staff and 44 partners with whom we have collaborated on various programmes in FY2015. (Read more about this in the October newsletter below.)




NUHS GP Engagement Event

16 April 2016



The NUHS GP Engagement Event celebrated and recognised the efforts of our GP partners in caring for our patients in the community. The event was also used to introduce the Primary Care Network (PCN) programme, and update the 150 GPs in attendance on the current and potential partnerships with NUHS. (Read more about this in the July 2016 newsletter below.)




These electronic newsletters were launched to serve as updates of some of our ongoing programmes. They showcase collaborations with our regional partners in delivering quality and patient-centred care in the community.




For more information, please email us at nuhsrhs@nuhs.edu.sg