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About Us

RHS for the Western Region


With an ever-increasing demand for healthcare in Singapore, it is crucial to develop an integrated network of healthcare and social support services, to better meet the healthcare needs of Singaporeans in a sustainable manner. 



To help strengthen partnerships and collaboration among the various healthcare and social support providers, the Ministry of Health (MOH) set up Regional Health Systems (RHS) to care for the community within a geographical region in Singapore. The aim is to deliver targeted, accessible and quality care to Singaporeans living within the various regions in Singapore.  



NUHS is the appointed RHS for the Western region of Singapore.



Established in 2013, the NUHS RHS brings together various community providers and government agencies to develop holistic care capabilities and capacity within the western region of Singapore. We also leverage on our position within the NUHS Academic Health System to enable, differentiate and transform the RHS through world-class research and education.



In 2014, the NUHS RHS formally set up the NUHS RHS Advisory Council to chart the strategic direction and development of our RHS, in order to achieve our vision of “Building a Healthy and Engaged population in the West”. The Council comprises partners from the public, private, and people sectors, including primary care and intermediate and long-term care providers, social service providers, and governmental organisations.



With the reorganisation of Singapore’s healthcare clusters into three integrated clusters, we are now working closely with Jurong Health Services to provide more integrated and seamless care and to enhance affordability of healthcare for residents in the Western region.



For more information, please email us at nuhsrhs@nuhs.edu.sg