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National University Cancer Institute, Singapore


The National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS), a national specialty centre, offers a broad spectrum of cancer care and management covering both paediatric and adult cancers, with expertise in prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care. The Institute adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to develop a comprehensive and personalised plan for each cancer patient and his or her family.


NCIS draws on the expertise of its specialists in the fields of haematology-oncology, radiation oncology, gynaecologic oncology, paediatric oncology, surgical oncology, oncology nursing, oncology pharmacy, palliative care, pathology, radiology, medical specialties including gastroenterology and hepatology, infectious diseases, pulmonary and critical care, psychiatry, epidemiology and public health as well as other allied health sciences.


NCIS is home to the Cancer Therapeutics Research Group, one of the few academic early phase cancer clinical trial groups spanning leading academic centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, and Taiwan. Its strength in research allows patients to access drugs and devices before they are commercially available. NCIS is also closely affiliated with the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National University of Singapore.


To find out more, visit www.ncis.com.sg