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Our People Our Pride

Going Beyond


Olive Batawid Meris

Staff Nurse

Ward 43

National University Hospital


I would like to commend Staff Nurse Olive on her exceptional service, her dedication and how she went beyond her duty to ensure my father's medical needs were met.
-          Mr Qiu Weiheng




After his discharge from NUH, Mr Qiu's father required a change of dressing on his arm over the festive period. Knowing that the polyclinics were closed during the public holidays, Staff Nurse Olive Batawid Meris called the family and offered to help change the patient's dressing back at the hospital. The family was touched by her thoughtfulness.

The quote "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you" has guided Staff Nurse Olive to be a compassionate and caring nurse. She keeps in mind that all patients are someone else's loved ones. This enables her to be empathetic towards the needs of her patients. Nursing also provides her with an avenue to give back to society.

Staff Nurse Olive has shown us that a small gesture goes a long way in making a difference to someone. We are proud to have compassionate nurses like Olive!



Building a strong relationship

Dr Andrew Sng

Assistant Consultant

Department of Paediatrics

National University Hospital


He clearly explained to me my son's condition and treatment plan... made me feel less worried. 
-          Mdm Idah Selamat


Mdm ldah and her husband were unsure whether to re-admit their child for monitoring after a bout of viral fever showed no sign of respite. When Associate Consultant Andrew Sng learnt  about this, he assured the parents and advised them on how they could monitor  the child at home instead. He offered to check on the child in the clinic even though he was not on duty. Meanwhile, he would call the family to check that the child was well. Mdm ldah was grateful for the care that Dr Sng showed to the family.


To Dr Sng, the rapport which he builds with the children he looks after and their families is what motivates him to give his best. And in his own words, nothing quite compares with the satisfaction that comes from seeing a child recover.


Service from the Heart

Ms Tay Xiu Hui

Occupational Therapist

National University Hospital



A very responsible Occupational Therapist.. a role model for your hospital.
-          Mr Tong Ween Chiek


Mr Tong was keen to apply for a few mobility and assistive devices for daily independent living for his mother who was warded at NUH. Occupational Therapist Tay Xiu Hui patiently helped the family with the paperwork. She also guided the caregiver on the choice  of devices and taught the family to operate the devices. Her attention to detail and patient demeanour made  a lasting impression on the patient and her family.

For Xiu Hui, taking the time to understand her patient's needs allows her to engage them and their family, which in turn better support the patients on their road to recovery.

It warms our heart to know that we have such caring colleagues among us!




Spreading the Joy of Life

Mr Sai Shwe Win


National University Hospital


Always smiling and does his work cheerfully and thoroughly. Everybody loves him - doctors, nurses and most importantly, the patients and families.
-          Associate Professor Quah Thuan Chong, Senior Consultant, Division of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, NUH 


Mr Sai Shwe Win takes pride in keeping the wards and areas under his charge spick-and-span so that patients can rest and recover in a comfortable and conducive environment. Based in a paediatric ward, Uncle Win, as he is fondly known to his colleagues and patients, relishes the opportunity to interact with the children whom he treats like his own.

With his cheerful disposition, it is easy to see Uncle Win's passion for what he does and with pride.

Keep the smile and spread the cheer, Uncle Win!


An Inspiration

Dr Justin Chong

Family Physician

Jurong Polyclinic

National University Polyclinics



The residents were so encouraged by Dr Chong's dedication and sacrifice that even those who were retaking the exams were fired up to do their best. It has also spurred on other colleagues to chip in and help. 
-          Dr Franco Wong, Head, Jurong Polyclinic


Inspired by tutors and seniors who have helped him through his exams, Dr Justin Chong went above and beyond to help his colleagues in their exam preparation by staying back after work to hold regular practice sessions for them. He hopes that through his efforts, his colleagues can continue to pay it forward to the next generation of residents.

To Dr Chong, medicine is a lifelong learning journey due to the fast pace of medical progress. Through educating others, he also picks up new knowledge along the way, helping him to become a better doctor. The beneficial cycle of learning and teaching contributes to his passion for education.

From being inspired to becoming an inspiration, Dr Chong is a colleague whom we are proud to call our own - a role model who goes out of his way to motivate others to do better.




A helping hand in time of need

Ms Rosna Bte Sabani

Senior Nurse Manager

Jurong Polyclinic

National University Polyclinic


Words cannot describe how grateful my family is to Ms Rosna, for the tremendous help we receied. We are all so impressed with her professionalism, and very proud that a fellow Singaporean medical officer stepped forward voluntarily and unreservedly with all her extensive medical experience, to lend a helping hand in our time of need. 
-          Ms P, Daughter of Mdm W 



While on a flight to Tokyo, Senior Nurse Manager Rosna Bte Sabani learnt that a fellow passenger, Mdm W, had suddenly taken ill and was having breathing difficulties. Without hesitation, she offered her help. When rendering first aid to Mdm W, she explained to Mdm W's family what she was doing and why, which helped calm them. Sister Rosna also made sure to check on Mdm W's condition regularly until the plane landed and she was seen by the local physician. Fortunately, Mdm W was all right and was able to continue her holiday with her family.

Well done, Sister Rosna, for your professionalism, dedication and compassion!

A friend in difficult times


Ms Li Fei

Staff Nurse

Oncology Clinic

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital 



             When my sister was not feeling well, you would sit next to her reading the prose that she brought along. Your gentle and soothing voice comforted my sister greatly. 
-    Compliment from a patient's sibling


"Staff Nurse Li Fei is a warm and caring person who goes out of her way to serve her patients and treats their needs as her top priorities," describes her reporting officer, Nurse Clinician Pong Lee Yeng.

The sister of one of her patients has written to thank Li Fei for her care of the 70-year-old. During the patient·s five months of chemotherapy treatment, Li Fei would cheer her patient on, Iisten to her attentively, and read to her. The patient·s sibling wrote, "You kept calm throughout, and your words and actions reassured her."

When the patient was transferred to the ICU at NUH, Li Fei visited her after her work shift. That evening, the patient passed away peacefully. 



Giving Clarity and Confidence

Dr Ira Sun

Associate Consultant


Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

I believe his caring nature has surpassed that of a doctor. He is always patient in his explanation, and always assuring through his caring ways. 
- Compliments from patient's family 

One family received "miracle" care for their 80-year-old patriarch who had a fall and hit his head. According to the patient's son, our team of doctors was professional and gave them confidence to make sound decisions regarding the treatment plan.

"NTFGH is in fact very lucky to have Associate Consultant Ira Sun. Despite his busy schedule and the fact that my father had been discharged from his care, Dr Sun popped in to see us during a follow-up to explain to us his CT Scan report."

The son was especially delighted that Dr Sun was able to reassure his 76-year-old mother, explaining over and over again until she was put at ease that the resuIt was good.

Always Ready to Serve


Mr Pathiban Saurajlu

Senior Patient Greeter

Emergency Department

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital


We hope others can emulate what Pathiban did. Thank you Pathiban and thanks to NTFGH for having such a great staff. 

- compliment from a patient's family 

Pathiban Saurajlu is a cheerful and earnest worker who plays a front line role in the Emergency Department. He is also known to serve with enthusiasm.

Once, when a patient was being transferred from wheelchair to  car to leave for home, he was quick to notice her bare feet, having been admitted via ambulance without footwear. The family was so impressed that he quickly found a pair of sandals for the patient, and wrote to  the hospital to  compliment him, citing his positive attitude as an example for other staff to follow. 

The All-Rounder


Associate Professor Low Chian Ming

Department of Pharmacology & Department of Anaesthesia 

NUS Medicine Deputy Director, Office of Deputy President (Research & Technology) 

National University of Singapore (NUS) 

A/Prof Low Chian Ming has taken on a difficult administrative role in the NUS Office of Deputy President (Research & Technology) and has proved his ability time and again. He is dedicated, hardworking and importantly in such a role, he is patient and eminently approachable. 
- Professor Philip Keith Moore, Director (Research Policies & Administration), NUS Office of Deputy President (Research & Technology) 


Associate Professor Low Chian Ming is an exemplary colleague who tries to excel in all he does. He is conscientious and resourceful in teaching, research and administration. As Chair of the Research Space Committee in the Pharmacology Department, his high standards and attention to detail ensures the proper conduct of meetings. Likewise, in his teaching, he is well liked by students and provides precise and informative lectures. In the clinical realm, he is recognised as a dedicated, committed, and diligent researcher. As a mentor, he provides outstanding guidance.

Under his watch, the Anaesthesia Department has won several Laboratory Safety Awards, exemplifying the discipline that he brings to the organisation. On a personal basis, he is a gentleman who is always polite, courteous and respectful to all.

Walking the extra mile


Ms Perina Chiang

Senior Manager


NUS Faculty of Dentistry


Perina's sense of responsibility, prompt replies and readiness to support the students' activities, even on personal time, set her apart as someone who goes the extra mile beyond her job scope. Her presence has made an incredible impact on our batch, and I am sure she'll continue to make the same positive impact on many others after this. 
-          Rachel Ng and Benedict Ong, Undergraduates, NUS Faculty of Dentistry. 




When dental students face issues in school, Perina Chiang is one of  the first few persons that come to their minds. Known as a problem-solver, Perina has gone to great lengths to ensure that the needs of the students are well taken care of. Well-versed in the school system, she is always ready to share her wealth of information and extend a helping hand to students, even beyond official work hours.

Perina impresses her co-workers with her commitment and drive, and has been inspiring the Faculty's freshmen with her resourcefulness when guiding them through the planning and execution of their orientation activities. While dental students are trained to prioritise patient-centred care, Perina's humble and approachable disposition serves as an early reminder for them to practise empathy as future healthcare professionals.



Making Dialysis Safer

Mr Lim Sheng Yang 
Mr Li Tianpei 
Ms Amanda Chia Siew Hui 
Mr Brandon Hoong Yi Da

Medical Students

NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine 

Mr Poon Chong Wei 
Engineering Student
NUS Faculty of Engineering 


Many people observe things and asking themselves the question why... we dreamt of things that never were and asking ourselves 'why not'... that's what made the difference
-          Dr Yeo Wee Song, Team Mentor and Consultant, Division of Paediatric Nephrology, National University Hospital




Medical Grand Challenge 2017 -

PDSafe {2nd Prize)

Improper sterilisation of the peritoneal dialysis connecting tubes can result in infections, which prove to be fatal in a fifth of infected patients in Singapore. With this in mind, the team invented PDSafe, a device which has shown an almost complete inactivation of E.Coli bacteria in preliminary tests, making the sterilisation process near foolproof for patients.

"I found the team very inclusive and saw how I could use my technical expertise to fill the gaps for this project," said Year 4 NUS Engineering student Poon Chong Wei, of  his experience.

Preventing Foot Ulcers

Ms Thor Jia Yi 
Nursing Student 
NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies

Ms Tey Min Li 
Ms Teri Danielle Yeoh You Ying
Medical Students 
NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Mr Don Samitha Elvitigala 
Engineering PhD Student 
Singapore Universiy of Technology and Design


The team was able to transform an initial idea into an impressive functional prototype within a few months. FootSense is a potential gamechanger, and it was a real joy and privilege to work with such a talented and driven group of students!

-          Associate Professor Sue-Anne Toh Ee Shiow, Clinical Director (Regional Health System Planning and Development), National University Health System. 

-          Assistant Professor Suranga Nanayakkara, Augmented Human Lab, Singapore University of Technology and Design. 




Medical Grand Challenge 2017 -


FootSense (3rd Prize)

Foot ulcers affect 1 in every 5 diabetic patients. Among its risks are infections, gangrene, and even amputations. The team hopes to address the problem at its root, with a device that detects foot uleers before they even develop - and more importantly, to really empower patients to take charge with the help of a simple and affordable solution called FootSense.

This unique invention could one day be a low-cost telehealth solution to prevent foot ulcers in patients from countries where access to healthcare remains a challenge.


An Uplifting Innovation

Mr Julian Low 
Ms Zhang Linyi 
Mr Luo Yang 
Ms Shauna Soh Xin Ni 

Medical Students

NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine 

Mr David Chen Tao Yi 
Mr Aaron Goh Jing Yuan 

Engineering Students
NUS Faculty of Engineering

Ms Vanessa Tan 
Business Student 
NUS Faculty of Business 

It's been an exhilarating and fantastic opportunity to attempt to tackle real world problems with the passion and fervour of like-minded individuals. We hope this competition can further inspire more youths to use their talents, and dedicate time and energy into making a difference. 
-          Team "Hipportable" 




Medical Grand Challenge 2017 -


Hipportable (1st Prize)

The inspiration for the device came from talking to caregivers at a nursing home about what help they needed most. The nurses told us it was the lifting, which was the most time consuming and strenuous part of their day, said Julian Low, a Year 2 NUS Medicine student and Team Leader for Hipportable. 

The group experimented with different methods of lifting another person and eventually devised a double loop belt system that leverages the strongest parts of the human body - the hips and legs - to allow a 40kg female to  lift a 60kg male with Hipportable. Hipportable was presented at the 2017 lnnovFest Unbound, Southeast Asia's largest digital innovation festival, and has attained a provisional patent.