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Our People Our Pride

Doing Good in Public


Dr Peng KaiIing, Medical Officer

Ms Nurhana Binte Mohamed, Senior Staff Nurse

Ms Hazel Tan, Staff Nurse

National University Hospital

Mr Peter Daniel, Medical Student

Mr Kelvin Wui, Medical Student

NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine


To be trained with the necessary skills is not enough. To be able to apply them when the situation calls for it, that takes courage. These bystanders turned responders did exactly that and in so doing saved my life... My heartfelt thanks go out to all those who helped that morning.
-          Patient who received emergency resuscitation


The valiant effort and good teamwork of Dr Peng KaiIing, Senior Staff Nurse Nurhana Binte Mohamed, Staff Nurse Hazel Tan and medical students Mr Peter Daniel and Mr Kelvin Wui led to them saving the life of a cardiac arrest victim one busy Friday morning at an MRT station. 


Knowing that every second counts, they successfully revived the man before the arrival of the paramedics. The man was discharged from hospital shortly after. For their selfless act, the group received the Public Spiritedness Award from the Singapore Civil Defence Force!


We are proud to have colleagues like them who answer to the call of duty of saving lives, even when they are off duty!

From Bench to Bedside

Assistant Professor Toh Wei Seong

Faculty of Dentistry

National University of Singapore



Dr Toh often challenges and inspires us (research students) to think creatively. Well-versed in his field of research, Dr Toh has always taught us to draw insightful links between bench top experiments and potential clinical applications.
-          Timothy Sng, Undergraduate, NUS Faculty of Dentistry



Assistant Professor Toh Wei Seong’s research focuses on the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of temporomandibular disorders, which are issues with the jaw joint and the muscles in the face that control jaw movement. As a basic scientist in a clinical faculty, Dr Toh strongly believes in bridging basic science research and translational clinical applications. Drawing examples from his research experience, he teaches his undergraduate students how evidence-based investigation can be used to find out whether a therapy is working. He also encourages the use of technology and innovation to solve dental-related diseases.


Thanks to teachers like Dr Toh, dental students who are new to research are able to better adopt a research mindset and see its relevance to their profession.


More than a doctor

Dr Amanda Zain

Senior Resident

Khoo Teck Puat – National University Children’s Medical Institute

National University Hospital



Amanda is an excellent doctor with great clinical skills and she cares for her patients well. Not only is she humble and passionate about her work, she is an excellent team player, and helps colleagues and others beyond her call of duty.
-          Associate Professor Daniel Goh, Head, Khoo Teck Puat – National University Children’s Medical Institute, National University Hospital


On top of clinical work, Dr Amanda Zain, who is a senior resident, is actively involved in teaching medical students, mentoring junior residents and participating in community work. She believes that her role as a doctor doesn’t stop at delivering clinical care to patients.


With her skills and knowledge as a doctor, she touches the lives of many in the heartland through her involvement in the Neighbourhood Health Service Programme. She is also deeply invested in the welfare and training of the residents under her charge and sits on the hospital-wide residents' committee.


But fundamentally, Dr Zain places her patients above all. Her core principle is to place patients at the centre of all she does. Be it in the wards or in the ambulatory setting, she takes every effort to go the extra mile for her patients and their families. Her conscientiousness, dedication and proactiveness has brought comfort to many of her patients and their parents. Dr Zain, thank you for your dedication and keep up the good work!


Placing Others’ Needs First

Ms Vivien Koh

Senior Physiotherapist

National University Hospital


To be trained with the necessary skills is not enough. To be able to apply them when the situation calls for it, that takes courage. These bystanders turned responders did exactly that and in so doing saved my life... My heartfelt thanks go out to all those who helped that morning.
-          Ms Yap Ai, Principal Physiotherapist, NUH



Mr C arrived very late for his physiotherapy session as he was held up by a family emergency. Senior Physiotherapist Vivien Koh waited patiently and conducted the session for Mr C, even though there was little time left and she had another appointment after him. It’s not always possible to accommodate every late patient.


It’s also not easy helping a few patients with their physiotherapy at the same time. But Vivien does her best to help her patients, so that they are able to receive timely treatment and continue on their road to recovery. Vivien’s dedication and compassion for her patients make her a healthcare professional we’re proud to celebrate.


Ready Helping Hand

Mr Sahul Hameed Mydin

Customer Support Associate

National University Hospital



Sahul’s compassion and empathy are evident from his actions. He could have waited for the doctors or nurses to arrive, but he took the initiative to send the patient to EMD personally, and it’s not the first time he has done so.
-          Mr Sean Ng, Manager, General Services, NUH



At 64 years old, Mr Sahul Hameed Mydin is still fit and healthy, working tirelessly at the frontline to assist our patients and visitors. One day, while on duty at the NUH Medical Centre, Sahul was alerted to a member of the public who felt unwell. He immediately used a wheelchair to bring him to the Emergency -Medicine Department (EMD) for assessment.


Despite being a post-retiree, Sahul does not let age dampen his passion for his work. He is always alert on the ground, ready to act and offer assistance. Great work, Sahul!


Seamless Support

Ms Kelly Foo


Operational Support Services

National University Hospital



Kelly’s commitment and passion towards her job are evident as she will return after office hours or on weekends to supervise and ensure that the scheduled works are carried out properly and completed on time.
-          Mr Koh Yong Lee, Senior Assistant Director, Operational Support Services, NUH



When it comes to fire safety, renovation and maintenance works at the NUHS Tower Block, Ms Kelly Foo is the person we look for. To ensure that such works progress smoothly, Kelly often spends her weekends overseeing the processes. If there are post-renovation issues, Kelly does her best to resolve them in a cost-effective way.  When the situation calls for it, she also goes out of her way to meet urgent requests by departments.


Because Kelly and her team make sure things are running efficiently in the background, the rest of us are able to concentrate on our work and focus on doing our best for our patients.

Simple Things Matter

Ms Christine Joyce Francisco

Staff Nurse

Emergency Medicine Department

National University Hospital



It was another busy day at the Emergency Medicine Department, but the situation didn’t faze Staff Nurse Christine Joyce Francisco. She maintained her positive attitude, paying close attention to the needs and comfort of each of her patients. At dinner time one day, she went to check on a patient, Mr B, who was waiting for the porter to transfer him to the ward, and realised that he was not having his dinner. Christine immediately took the initiative to take him to the ward herself and Mr B soon took his dinner in the comfort of the ward. It’s obvious Christine’s thoughtful action and meticulous care has left a deep impression on Mr B.



As Christine has shown, simple things matter.