HEH Lunchtime Talk: Children's Teeth - Jewels Worth Protecting

Prof Monty Duggal
Senior Consultant
University Dental Cluster (Paediatric Dentistry)


This talk outlines why it is important to preserve good dental health in childhood and throughout the important stages when the child is growing up. It also highlights the issues that may arise and what paediatric dentists can do to make it better. Simple measures that parents and caregivers can take to maintain good teeth in children will be provided.

Venue : National University Hospital, 1 Main Building, O & G Seminar Room, Level 6 (between Wards 61 & 63)
Date : 2 March 2018
Time : 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
Fee : Free. (Registration is required)
Contact phone : 67722184