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Student Lounges

Opening Hours:

NUH Main Building (Level 6): 24 hours daily

NUH Medical Centre (Level 12): 7am - 9pm daily (except Public Holidays)


Students posted to NUH are given access to the Student Lounges located at NUH Main Building (Level 6) and Medical Centre (Level 12). You may access the Student Lounges with your medical access card.


Please take note of the following house rules when using the Student Lounges:

- Keep the place neat and tidy.

- Look after your valuables.

- Do not re-arrange the furniture.

- Do not surf inappropriate websites.

- Refrain from eating/drinking in the lounge.

- Log off from Windows and the NUH applications when not in use.

- Switch off computers, air-conditioning and lights before you leave.

- Clear your belongings from the respective lockers at the end of your posting.


  NUH Main Building (Level 6)



 NUH Medical Centre (Level 12)



Directions to the NUH Medical Centre (L12) Student Lounge:

Enter the Medical Centre from the direction of The Clinic for Human Reproduction (located in Kent Ridge Wing). You will see a white door to your right with the signs “Authorised access only” and “Lift Lobby E”. Enter through that door to access Lift Lobby E. Take the lift to Level 12. Refer to the floor plan below for the location of the Student Lounge on Level 12.


Note: You are able to EXIT Level 12 via Lobbies B and C but you will not be able to ENTER Level 12 via Lobbies B and C.


NUHMC Education Spaces

Teaching Hubs

Situated within a cluster of 5 consultation rooms, patients identified for teaching are moved to the teaching hub for further discussion with residents / students. These hubs can double up as a consult room when necessary.



Learning Rooms

Equipped with AV facilities, these rooms allow users to conduct small scale seminars and workshops. The maximum capacity per room is 14 residents/ students. These rooms are best used for observation of patient consultation. Prior to the teaching session, suitable patients are identified and consent sought.