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Meet Our People





Adrian Kee

Consultant, Division of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

"It's thrilling to be part of a healthcare organisation that constantly strives to push the boundaries of medicine and patient care. As a young doctor many years back, I chose to join NUHS because it was, and continues to be, an excellent training centre with emphasis on educating, preparing and mentoring physicians of the future. Additionally, as part of the organisation's goal of developing well-rounded doctors, I was also given the opportunity to lead projects which honed my administrative and leadership abilities. There are abundant opportunities available here to advance and deepen one's learning. The organisation recently sponsored my further training with a world-renowned expert as part of advancing my sub-specialty training." 






Chua Mui Teng

Associate Consultant, Emergency Medicine Department


“The field of Emergency Medicine is rapidly evolving to meet the needs of an ageing population in Singapore. It is very exciting for emergency doctors like myself to be at the forefront of healthcare treating acute conditions. We have also moved towards holistic and multi-disciplinary patient care so as to meet the growing healthcare demands of an ageing population. Healthcare in Singapore is moving from a “reactive” to “proactive” approach in which disease prevention and public health promotion is of utmost importance; better quality of healthcare is also something that we look forward to achieving. I hope to be better equipped in achieving these goals by undertaking a Masters in Public Health. My seniors and colleagues from the department have been very supportive. They are always ready to reward original thinking, passion and hard work. I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn from the various teams I work within the NUHS family.”

Wang Ming Chang

Family Physician, Division of Family Medicine


“The practice of family medicine in this dynamic organisation is not limited to NUH-affiliated polyclinics and GP clinics. It also involves acute and community-based hospital care. As a graduate from the first batch of Family Medicine residents, the organisation gave me the flexibility to customise my job scope, not just to fulfill clinical needs but also to support my interest in sports medicine. You could say that no two days are the same for me. In a given week, I see patients in the acute hospital setting as part of a transitional care team, manage patients undergoing rehabilitation in a community hospital and also run clinics in the NUH Sports Centre. Though it’s demanding and a path less trodden, I enjoy the varied patient casemix and the interaction with friends and colleagues from other departments." 


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Bavani D/O Balakrishnan

Nurse Educator


“When you say that you’re a nurse, most people usually think of the clinical aspects, like assisting doctors and attending to patients. In the organisation, Nursing has a broader scope, encompassing research and education, so you can have different career pathways within the vocation. I worked in a surgical ward previously and was given the task of mentoring students before realising that my passion was in teaching. I was encouraged to attend the clinical educator course, and upon completion, my career has now taken a somewhat different but more fulfilling track. From touching the lives of patients at the forefront, I am now making contributions to healthcare by training future nurses for the healthcare fraternity.” 




Celine Yeo

Advanced Practice Nurse


“I believe that if you want to push healthcare and patient care to another level, you need two things: great ideas and a willingness to execute them. In this aspect, the organisation has demonstrated a boldness to challenge the status quo. I was given an opportunity to lead a project in re-educating our department on the best site to administer injections to patients. The protocol was quite a departure from industry practice but we had enough evidence to show the benefits. I was heartened to receive the management’s fullest support on our recommendation. It’s this openness to ideas, along with superiors who are willing to listen and go out on a limb for you, that makes it all the more gratifying to work here.” 

Darren Goh

Advanced Practice Nurse


“Working in ICU is incredibly fast-paced and challenging, but the job is made easier when you have thoughtful colleagues and supportive bosses. I am constantly inspired by their dedication to do their utmost to help patients get better. Being part of a world-class hospital with the best medical professionals has definitely expanded my learning and fuelled my desire to improve myself. The organisation believes in developing staff to their fullest potential and I am lucky to receive a sponsorship for my Masters. Now, as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), I collaborate closely with fellow nurses, doctors and Allied Health professionals to deliver holistic care to our patients. I am also in good company as the hospital has various councils such as the APN Council and Nursing Quality Council to address our queries and needs.”


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Allied Health



Desmond Hoon

Senior Radiographer, Diagnostic Imaging


“If you are hardworking, capable and willing to learn, you will go far here. The organisation sponsored my degree and then demonstrated great faith by letting me specialise in my area of interest within six months on the job. I also found myself enjoying mentoring the first-year students. My manager noticed my passion and appointed me as the Clinical Educator for the department. I feel like I have the best of both worlds now – doing clinical work and training the next generation of radiographers.”



Qamaruzaman Bin Syed Gani

Senior Physiotherapist, Department of Rehabilitation


“Doing a mid-career switch is not easy if you don’t find yourself in the right organisation with good bosses. I am very lucky to have this, plus I have amazing colleagues who made my transition much smoother and more enjoyable. Our entire department is built on teamwork so there’s always someone who will cover for you when you are not around or with whom you can bounce off ideas. You’ll also find yourself working closely with passionate people – from senior consultants to new trainees – on a unified goal of helping patients get better. There’s an unspoken mantra in our team: no one gets left behind. That’s why I think of my colleagues as my second family.” 

Yvonne Loh

Principal Radiation Therapist, National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS)


“Never had I imagined that I would be doing such exciting trail-blazing work when I joined. I work with the best doctors not just in the hospital but in Singapore! One of my career highlights was a collaboration with a senior doctor on an award-winning project that was published in an international journal and which set an industry standard in clinical practice. My bosses are progressive and open to ideas – they let me have autonomy in the way things are run in the department. When there is an issue, we have an open discussion to resolve it. I am lucky that they respect my judgement and value my contributions. The organisation has given me the opportunity to rise from Radiation Therapist to Principal Radiation Therapist over my years here, and I am thankful for their trust in me.” 


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Crystal MK

Manager, Communications Office


When you work in a progressive healthcare group that is on the forefront of medical research and education, there’s a lot of scope to do exciting things, not to mention opportunities to grow your career. I have been given opportunities to lead and steer projects involving cross-functional and cross-entity teams, and I am heartened to say that the strong collaborative culture within the organisation has made my work experiences enriching and very gratifying. People are always willing to lend a hand and make time to help me understand a situation better




Diane Lai

Manager, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health (SSHSPH)


“I have been with NUHS for a number of years and have witnessed many exciting changes. For one, the establishment of SSHSPH in 2011, whose mission is turning discovery into healthier communities. These changes not only allowed me to grow as a professional, but to also contribute to community health through our education programmes, which now include medical as well as the general undergraduate and postgraduate population. It makes a difference when everyone contributes together as a team, sharing knowledge and giving their time for a greater cause generously. It makes me want to do more!”




Goh Mei Ling

Assistant Director, Division of Graduate Medical Studies


“People are often surprised when I tell them that I have been here for 14 years. It doesn’t feel that long when you are working for a dynamic organisation and your role changes to meet the demands of a fast evolving industry. One of the reasons I continue to stay is that I work with some of the most passionate and dedicated people who keep me on my toes and inspire me to do my best. I am grateful to have been given the opportunities, which have stretched me and allowed me to develop various skills. The organisation also believes in work-life harmony, so I have the flexibility to attend to my family needs.”




Noorhuda Binte Yunos

Senior Executive Assistant, Ambulatory Services


“The organisation is a big believer in active living that it invested in a gym and sports hall within the premises for staff. There’s also a range of aerobic classes, sports activities and competitions to cater to every interest, and they are mostly free and available throughout the day, so you can fit them in at your convenience. The added bonus is that these activities provide a valuable opportunity to bond with colleagues from different departments. Burning calories as we network – it doesn’t get better than this!”




Perina Chiang

Senior Manager, Faculty of Dentistry


“One of the first things you experience when working in the Faculty is the strong culture of excellence and professionalism underpinned by the spirit of collaboration. You are encouraged to aim higher, be pro-active and take ownership of your role. I had to pick up a lot of skills and learn on the job when I moved to this faculty. You could say it was a steep learning curve, but I discovered that the people around me – my boss and colleagues – were happy to guide and support. I’m truly impressed by the staff in the organisation – they never stop advancing and they take pride in helping others thrive. That’s the main reason I have stayed here for so long.”






Tan Si Ling

Senior Manager, National University Heart Centre, Singapore (NUHCS)


“My journey with the organisation has been enriching, thanks to the roles I’ve had in various departments – Quality Improvement & Patient Experience, Emergency Medicine Department and NUHCS. Aside from giving me a holistic perspective of healthcare, each stint offered valuable insight into how the department works and the challenges it faces. I owe my success to my superiors and other senior colleagues who continue to provide guidance, opportunities and resources for me to grow professionally and personally. Currently I’m in my third role with the organisation and when I have a problem, I know that I can call on a contact I made in my previous postings. It also helps that the organisation has a strong focus on learning and development, so I was fortunate to have attended enrichment workshops such as Leadership Development Programme and NUHS Way Silver Facilitator course. I also greatly appreciate the organisation’s sponsorship of my Masters in Business Administration which helped build up my management skills.”




Vickneshwaran so Thangavelu

Senior Assistant Director, Dean’s Office


“If you like to blaze new trails in your field, this is the place to be. You get to help mould and develop future doctors, and work with some of the leading professionals in the healthcare industry. You have a management team that is receptive to new ideas and believes in empowering its people. You have bosses who demand the best from you because they care about your success. Most importantly, you have colleagues who constantly challenge you to improve the way things are done. My career here has gone from strength to strength and although I am now at Senior Assistant Director level, I am still learning and gaining a wide range of experiences that will continue to propel my career.”


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Gan Jia Yi

Executive Engineer, Operational Support Services


“The organisation does not just look at paper qualifications when promoting staff. I am the only engineer in my department without a degree, but I got a promotion, regardless. It’s good to know that hard work, experience and competency count over here. I have to credit my manager for letting me handle projects that pushed me out of my comfort zone and for helping me to realise my potential. From handling a flooding crisis to overseeing the construction of a linkway, each day has exposed me to a variety of learning experiences. This promotion has given me confidence and encouraged me to further my studies.”




Kok Hui Wen

Senior Patient Service Associate, Urology Centre


“Customer service can be demanding but also very satisfying. The organisation recognises the need for versatility, so I am given the opportunity to perform various functions. Some days, I handle casher duties and answer queries, and other days, I chaperone patients for their medical examinations. At times, we face patients who can be challenging to deal with, but I remind myself what the organisation teaches us – to have empathy. Most patients are anxious when they visit us so I try to make their experience as pleasant as possible. Of course, it helps to have the support of my managers and colleagues. We share a great friendship and look out for each other. They are like my second family!”




Mohamad Sa'ad Bin Mohamed Abu

Supervisor, Environmental Services


“I am past retirement age but that has never been an issue here. When I was retrenched from my previous job, the NUHS hired me even though I was 50 years old at that time. Despite my age, I was given the opportunity to grow and prove myself. My bosses and colleagues have made me feel valued and I was even promoted twice, with more responsibilities each time. Now, I lead a team of 14, and they make it a joy for me to come to work everyday. There’s great team spirit as everyone pitches in to help each other, and even going the extra mile. This camaraderie always inspires me to do better and I feel lucky to be able to contribute meaningfully to society.”

Yuen Wen Quan

Senior Patient Service Associate, Emergency Medicine Department


“I am all for self-improvement and there’s a strong culture of learning and development here in the organisation. When I wanted to further my studies, the organisation provided me with the opportunity to do so under the Talent Development Award. Now, I am in the first year of my Bachelor of Business Management programme. Initially, I was afraid that my work would be affected but my bosses and colleagues have been extremely supportive of my decision. When necessary, my boss does not hesitate to deploy additional manpower to manage the workload. My colleagues and I also work closely together to cover one another when anyone has something important to attend to. Everyone wants me to succeed.” 


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