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Career Advice & Tips

Job Search & Application Tips

  1. Read job descriptions thoroughly
    Ensure you fulfil the requirements before applying.
  2. Understand more about the organization to determine if you are a good fit
    Speak to people who are working there.
  3. Ensure that there are no errors in your documents
    Check for spelling, content, and grammar errors.
  4. Tailor your CV to address the job description
  5. Complete all the fields in the application form
  6. Provide the reasons if there are gaps in your career
  7. Be specific on the job you are applying for
    Indicate the title or reference number.
  8. Provide references
  9. Be prepared for the interview


Interview Tips

  1. Conduct Research on the Organisation, Hiring Department, Job Opportunity
    You should understand the organisation, the requirements of the job, and the background of the department. The more research you conduct, the more you'll understand the requirements, and the better you'll be able to answer interview questions.
  2. Review Common Interview Questions and Prepare Responses
    The goal is composing detailed yet concise responses, focusing on specific examples and accomplishments. No need to memorize responses but at least develop talking points and share your past experiences.

  3. Dress for Success
    Being neat, clean, and professional goes a long way toward making the first impression a good one.

  4. Arrive on Time for the Interview
    Strive to arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled interview to complete additional paperwork and allow yourself time to get settled. Arriving a bit early is also a chance to observe the dynamics of the workplace.
  5. Make Good First Impressions
    Be polite and offer warm greetings to everyone you meet from the moment you step into the organization. Make a strong first impression by dressing well, arriving early, and when greeting your interviewer, stand, smile, make eye contact, and offer a firm handshake.
  6. Be Authentic, Focused, Confident, and Concise
    The goal should always be authenticity, responding truthfully to interview questions. Provide focused responses that showcase your skills, experience, and fit -- with the job and the employer. Provide solid examples of solutions and accomplishments -- but keep your responses short and to the point.
  7. Remember Body Language, Avoiding Bad Habits
    Effective forms of body language: smiling, eye contact, solid posture, active listening, nodding.
  8. Ask Insightful Questions
    Always seek clarifications that might arise from the interview.
  9. Concluding the interview
    Be cordial and thank the interviewer for his or her time. A Thank You email sent within 24 hours of the interview shows your gratitude and helps to combat recency bias (especially if you were among the first few to interview).