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Join Us

If you want to make a difference to society – and your career – join us now! As an Exemplary Employer of Choice, we CARE:


Create Hope

From medical breakthroughs and best industry practices to pioneering healthcare technology, NUHS is in the forefront of the industry, defining the future landscape of medicine in the region. With our complete circle of focus encompassing Clinical Excellence, Research as well as Education, management and staff work closely in a spirit of endeavour to challenge the status quo, and develop the best healthcare system for the public.


Advocate of Work-Life Harmony

We are dedicated to improving the physical, mental and emotional health of our staff and have been a recognised HR Advocate for Quality Work-Life, Physical & Mental Well-Being since 2010.


Recognise and Reward Fairly

We believe that all staff can play a part in living up to NUHS’ mission and values. As an equal opportunity employer, we are proud to acknowledge staff achievements and contributions, and compensate accordingly.


Education is for Life

Education keeps us on the cutting-edge of medical technology and patient care. Whether through structured programmes like courses, workshops, seminars and sponsored study, or on-the-job training, NUHS is committed to developing all staff to their highest potential.


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