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Be a Top-Notch Nurse!

You play an important role in a patient’s life.
You step into their lives and you make a difference.
You are the patient’s advocate, the steady caregiver.
You play a large part in the healing and recovery of a patient.


Few careers in this world offer the satisfaction, stimulation, and spectrum of opportunities and rewards as Nursing. It is regarded as one of the most respected and dignified professions and offers a wide variety of choices in specialty and work environment.


Nursing with a Difference

As a nurse in this tertiary healthcare institution, you will be presented with opportunities to hone your expertise in both inpatient and outpatient settings.


Our Registered Nurses (comprising Nurse Managers, Nurse Clinicians and Nurse Educators) are groomed to be our future nurse leaders. Coupled with appropriate doses of autonomy and delegation, our nurse leaders provide much needed mentorship and guidance to junior staff. They are also responsible for providing strategic leadership in steering the nursing community to achieve its mission and vision.


Our Enrolled Nurses and Healthcare Assistants work as a team to provide physical and psychosocial care to our patients. They support the Registered Nurses in more complex and intricate care of patients, such as administering medications, performing treatment and patient/family education.


Lifelong Learning

As we push the boundaries of nursing practice and transform delivery of nursing care, our nurses’ skills are constantly being enhanced and upgraded. Even as they perform a multi-faceted role, from clinical duties to training and education, to research and management and administration, our nurses are committed to a career that includes lifelong learning. For more information on our special Nursing Education Department and what it does to enhance our nurses’ knowledge and skills, please visit the following site:


Excellent Opportunities for Career Advancement

Registered Nurses can choose to embark on one of the three Nursing tracks – Management, Clinical or Education. Each track offers unique opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Nurses who display fervor and potential to take on larger roles may also do so through a number of pathways available.


Career Tracks in Nursing

*Asst Nurse Clinician (ANC) is a new job grade and will be implemented with effect from 1 July 2015. 



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