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Be an Exemplary Ancillary Staff!

The Ancillary profession involves a wide array of services ranging from handling patient and visitor enquiries, performing administrative, cashiering, billing, payment, housekeeping and portering to security services. You work closely with a team of clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals and administrators to ensure the clinical operations are run smoothly and patients’ needs are well looked after. If you are part of the engineering team, you have the opportunity to plan and manage the infrastructure and development programmes by providing engineering support to its related activities.


Wide Range of Professional Career Choices

If you enjoy interacting with people, are passionate about providing excellent customer service and making an impact to help shape a better healthcare environment, a career in the Ancillary profession may well be what you are looking for!

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Buyer
  • Clinical Coding Specialist
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Customer Support Associate (Security)
  • Engineer
  • Health Attendant 
  • Patient Service Associate
  • Retail Assistant 
  • Storekeeper


To qualify, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Minimum GCE “N” Level Qualifications;
  • Possess a degree qualification for Engineer and Executive positions;
  • Private Security Industry License issued by Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (where applicable);
  • Primary education and basic English literacy (for certain positions only).


Excellent Opportunities for Career Advancement

We offer bountiful opportunities for staff aspiring to take on more responsibilities. Illustrated below would be the career tracks of some positions for your information.


Career Tracks on Ancillary


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